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Our guest this evening is William Ostrovitz, and special guest Tony.

While we have covered the Women of Forestry and the continued harassment, retaliation for reporting molestation and physical violence and the intimidation tactics used against them, we are now going to address many of the same issues reported by male Forestry workers.  Obviously, the environment at the Forestry Service is so toxic, so dysfunctional that these activities have become routine.  So have the efforts by agency offices and other personnel to cover up or participate in these activities.

Our guest tonight is now permanently disabled as a result of the canine attack used on him by the same employee he reported.  That employee not only retained his job….he was promoted~~along with his dog.

Our guests:

My name is William Ostrovitz, a medically retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. My office was located in Southern California, specifically, the Cleveland National Forest. Below, is a timeline of what occurred. There are several Misconduct Investigations I do not have access to, as I was denied the access when I attempted to FOIA the information.

Here is a quick timeline of the events that lead up to today. 2008:Hired

2009-2011: Repeat Problems with an employee and management-Reported

2011: Start Running Log of Every Incident that Occurred

2014: Came forward as Whistleblower to Special Agent in Charge/Job Promise/Sexually Harassed

2014: Assaulted By employee that I reported against/K9 Police Attack

2016: Officially Medically Retired Due to Injury Sustained From Employee