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Clinton Patton, Founder of The Hamilton Foundation..

And a follow-up with David Arndt

My name is Dave Arndt. I am a male Survivor of domestic violence, but also a victim of a corrupt and horribly evil system that’s supposed to help victims like me.  So, while I was pursuing a degree in biblical studies I also followed my dream and became a police officer. As a strong Christian I brought God into law enforcement with me, or so I tried. My dream came true and now is my time to be that person that helps those who were being taken advantage of by the bullies of this world.

After spending many years in law enforcement in becoming disheartened with the system I began to realize that our system was failing so many people but I had no idea how much until I myself became a victim of domestic violence. I to be married so bad that when the woman that came into my life showed me the attention that I thought I needed I fell for her and I loved her. But it wasn’t long after we were married that she started slowly revealing her depression and her controlling nature that she neither told me about nor did I see when we were dating. After 4 years of marriage and growing concern for my children’s safety I made the most difficult decision of my life, and turned my wife into DHS hoping to get some help and relief. DHS moved in swiftly at first and confirmed domestic violence against me and my children, but just as quickly bailed on me and left me hanging just as my first attorney did.

From there I found myself turning from victim to suspect in the family court. Bullied and ridiculed in court by not only attorneys but also the judge, eventually being threatened by my former attorney who I alleged fraud against. A system that I thought was one supposed to help protect has not only exposed me to the reality that all it does is help those who have a hefty pocket. I am now a single dad on a mission not only to protect my children but to protect countless of other victims of our system that tries to prey on them.