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Hosted by Marti Oakley 


Former host of The Truth Traveler Radio Show and guest/program producer for two other talk shows, Erin Dakins will be on TS Radio Network tonight with Marti Oakley to discuss lack of patient care and over dosing of pharmaceuticals in the elderly……all from a personal perspective.

DRUGS!  The perfect way to make an elderly person appear “incapacitated”.  And! they help keep the victim quiet so they don’t complain about the lack of care or neglect in these warehouses they call nursing homes or residential homes.

The drugging of America’s elderly is a rapidly growing epidemic.  Palliative care is a euphemism for terminal sedation in most cases.  Not only have they targeted the elderly for theft of estates, stolen their identity’s and handed everything over to these for-profit predators, they have now come up with a perfect plan for wiping them out.  Drugs are the answer and also quite profitable for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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