Author: Chuck Frank


     “ There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the
republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leaders, and
connecting measures in opposition to each other.  This in my humble
apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under
our Constitution.”

                                          –John Adams as Vice President under
                                      President George Washington, in
his letter to
Jonathan Jackson (2
October 1789)

What transpired last week politically with regard to considering Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is unacceptable and has the elements of pure defamation of character and family.  Is a candidate for the Supreme Court meant to be prosecuted by a Chinese Tribunal? It matters not whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican, yet, one of the parties will conspire and accuse a nominee, guilty or not? This is flat out conspiracy theory.  Shall we call in the jury?

Consequently, in a smear campaign, as long as there is outright judgment and condemnation while the race card or the sex card is played, it’s all “acceptable” even if the moral essence of America and the republic is seen by the world as pure rubbish?  Is there any conviction left with lawmakers who use any means possible to destroy a person who is seen “in their definition” an enemy of the state?  Have political parties now drawn a line in the sand and are now bent on staying in power no matter what the cost, even if the entire American Republic goes down with the ship?

 There is a lesson to be learned in the midst of all of this when a person  compares the major flaws of discord and tyranny within China’s “Republic.”  China’s constitution says the people’s courts have the right to adjudicate, but the Chinese Communist party is formally above the constitution under the country’s Leninist system of governance established in the 1950s  For years, this statement has been  the most enormous ideological setback for halting the uneven progress of trying to create a professional, impartial judiciary and lawyers.  And if Chinese scholars speak out against the “Tribunal” their safety may be threatened.

 Continuing with regard to the Kavanaugh issue, this is not the first time that the sex card was used in order to discredit or destroy a Supreme Court nominee.  Lest we forget, a sex “scandal” and the defamation of a person’s character was also used quite unsuccessfully
in the case of Justice Clarence Thomas in order to prevent him from becoming a Supreme Court Justice, and yes, he survived the media bias and blitz.

In comparison, during the Obama administration, and the case of Elena Kagan being chosen to the Supreme Court, there was some mainstream media censorship but no fanfare or character assassinations that accompanied her nomination, while Clarence Thomas and now Brett Kavanaugh took the heat.

Justice Elena Kagan, who had previously worked on issues when President Clinton was in office, was voted in by the Senate by a margin of 63 to 37 to where five Republicans crossed party lines to support her.  There was no witch hunt here.  Even so, did Elena Kagan measure up to an impeccable standard or a character that is now demanded of Kavanaugh?  Is Justice Kagan any more lilly white than any of the others?  Should not the Senate who has been called to interview and vote on a “supreme” matter, carefully act with grace and honor or shall a candidate for the Supreme Court be drilled under the lights and be framed with little or no evidence?  And speaking of evidence, what might a guilty or even an innocent person expect to receive from an agency such as the fully discredited FBI which has now fallen from grace?   

Will they be called to investigate?   Spare me.

The entire issue of political parties and the what they have become is a total disgrace not only to the American people but also to the world.  A change in the political process is long overdue to where the American people should be voting for individuals who are not connected to any political party as these parties have become corrupted through the years in their many sinister endeavors.  People should be seeing by now that there is nothing sacred about the two party system and our second President John Adams assured us of that in his writings which, in effect, were quite prophetic.