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Victim-advocate and retired Level C corporate career- guest, James Treat will share additional information about the on-going exposure of municipal corruption in Calvin Oklahoma in Hughes County. Hughes County is gaining some unwanted additional exposure as Holdenville seems to be following suit navigating similar municipal issues that look, feel, and sound far too familiar. Please visit Facebook page CALVININFO or web page to become acquainted with the back story.



Seasoned advocates will be on with us as they also bring to the table many years of experience and wisdom that I can assure, you will be glad you tuned in! Joining me in this grass-roots round table are Brian Kinter and Randall Stone; both bringing with them as active and ignited advocates and years of wisdom. Please see their bios in the links below. And Marti Oakley, who produces TS Radio Network, a well-published author, advocate for much and many-and has also earned guardianship a permanent platform at the Whistleblower’s Summit

Brian Kinter: Brian is a servant, full-time father, an entrepreneur, a poet, a civil-rights advocate with a passion to bring accountability of/from the judiciary when the facts and evidence contains the evidence that warrants it.

Brian has an extensive education in “Why the need for ACCOUNTABILITY” and shares it each Wednesday at 7 pm est on his own radio program on “In Your Face ”on Future of Our Children Radio Network.

Brian has been a guest on numerous radio shows across the country speaking on the need to establish an open and honest dialogue on the abuse that is being delivered at the hands of judiciary and actions being taken to bring relief. His poetry has been published in “Who’s Who In American Poetry and across the world.

Brian took a huge step to bring accountability of/from those that violated his rights and the rights of his children by being the first in the nation to, having the U.S. Marshal’s serve the judge in his open court proceeding on March 27th, 2012 resulting in shutting down the trial court.

His trials and tribulations have been well documented in the PBS Documentary “COURT SCREWED”. Brian is the Vice President of the National Strategy Management Board (NSMB).

Brian believes the legacy we leave behind is the testament to how we lived.

Randall Stone: Randall has been fighting and protecting his right as a parent since 2001. He has fought false allegations against the “Silver Bullet” of restraining orders; against 10 years of CPS and over 15 years of custody battles. Randall has raised his son and his ex’s son for 8 of those years as custodial parents of both. While seeking to support and help others during this process of educating himself, he lost many friends to the system and finally built up the group ESTRANGED PARENTS (and grandparents).

He has also worked with others in guardianship, veterans and probate to the incentives of the government thievery of Social Security through Title IV-along with a firm stance to dismantle The Bar in The United States.

Randall Stone has also established that provides unification and replays 24/7 of select podcasts.