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More on the USDA Forestry Service failures to correct a decades old issue of abuse, racism, sexism, and protection of the predators at the expense of the women and men who have endured the unresponsiveness of a dysfunctional agency……all at taxpayers expense.

Bio for Melody Starya Mobley:

Melody endured racism and sexism among other forms of discrimination from USDA Forest Service leadership, supervisors and colleagues. She was physically assaulted by colleagues 3 times, which included being raped while on government property when she was only 20 years old. She heard the N-word being used multiple times. All of her most rewarding work assignments were taken away and given to her peers. Time and again, she was passed over for promotions for which she was highly qualified. Finally, in 1996, Melody filed the first of several Equal Employment Opportunity complaints. Although the complaint was successfully resolved the retaliation from Agency leadership was brutal and she was retired in 2005 at only 46 years of age.