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Caroline Douglas, author of “The Dark Side: A Treatise on Law and Judging“, joins us this evening to discuss the generating of fees for favored attorneys, which she describes as the “currency of judging”.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the probate system.  This includes, but is not limited to excessive hourly rates, unnecessary work, unsupervised and questionable billing and approving bills with cursory or no review or audit.  This favoritism for specific attorneys also extends to specific and routinely appointed predatory guardians who work with probate hearing examiners, who appear repeatedly together so often in public records on case after case, that no one could look at this information and not conclude that some kind of working relationship has been formed that is predicated on profiting from the estates of the targeted victims.

Quote:  Page 311, The Dark Side

“Make no mistake–all kinds of attorney appointment/fees are a significant unregulated industry, which routinely is operated to deplete savings and assets of incapacitated people–who cannot avoid or even get rid of the scam of court appointed experts.  In any other forum, this insider appointment would be called an insider scheme, and, a crime.”


Below is a link and cover for the follow-up to Volume 1.