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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway


Join Tanya Hathaway on Marti Oakley’s TS Radio Network, and live streamed on Stuart Oklahoma’s KLRB 89.9 FM at 7-9 CST
on September 2nd, 2018.
Poetic justice in Calvin Oklahoma; but not without a glitch- Is it true? After the harassing of citizens not cow-towing to the allegedly, but finally, ex-Police Chief Harden- is claiming to be going into business for himself-as a Private Investigator and is now publicly slandering the very people who have exposed the public corruption in Oklahoma. Then, Chief Harden’s wife private messages Hathaway stating she can’t wait to see the video of her being evicted and many other false claims about her.
James Treat will join Hathaway once again as this small town turn-around of Calvin Oklahoma public corruption is busting wide open almost each Sunday as you have seen and heard for the last few months! We are seeing this out! FBI-OSBI-ATF-and Hughes County Sherriff’s Department-and let’s not forget the State Auditors who have confiscated Calvin files-without notice. Calvin is becoming a better place and especially without Harden as he has allegedly threatened others that their vehicles or homes would be next- (never forget- lives were at risk when James Treat’s vehicle was torched… never forget….)
Then ex (?) Chief Harden creates drama on social media and reports on his own investigation. Well, how predictable., You go to the enemy of someone you want a negative narrative on in an effort to save yourself.
The problem here is none of this is remotely funny because it’s real life-not just a soap opera-and far too many lives have been brutally disturbed.
We need you to chime back in listeners! And citizens of Oklahoma- we might have been hacked and lost thousands on the initial fb page “Injustice In Oklahoma EXPOSED” but it is making a come back and I think I found a way to bring it back again. ..bear with me- it’s been a heck of a couple of months.
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