Marti Oakley


I find it more than strange that the government knows exactly who I am if I owe taxes, if I get a ticket, when I apply for a drivers license, or in a myriad of other settings….but suddenly has amnesia when I attempt to board a plane. Now, by October 1, 2018, thanks to the failure of the Minnesota legislature, who, in pursuit of Federal largesse, failed to act to protect Minnesota residents from federal encroachment and over-reach, I must have a biometric marked ID or passport to board a plane. And TSA is now installed in many train stations and bus stations.


You need to biometrically brand me? I need a passport to travel in my own country? You’ve been tracking me since the day I was born and suddenly you can’t be sure who I am? This after admitting that allegedly 20 million or more people have entered the US illegally, many working under assumed names, fake ID’s and millions who have simply disappeared into the country?

A recent trip that included destinations in five states, resulted in me and thousands of other individuals, being subjected to invasive assaults from TSA officers under the guise of “keeping us all safe”. The question that comes to mind immediately after these assaults is: Who is going to keep us safe from the TSA?

By far, the worst experience was at the Lindbergh terminal in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This airport is a study in chaos, mismanagement and particularly venomous TSA agents. Of course, if you are one of those individuals convinced that even after passing through the scanners that for some reason you must now be groped, patted, grabbed, mashed, and verbally assaulted by these otherwise unemployable individuals who are now sporting a uniform and a badge, I assume this physical assault is just fine.

After all, almost 20 years ago they blew up buildings with planes in New York. I was reminded of this at the Lindbergh terminal after having my hands swabbed with a strip used to detect dangerous chemicals. Having had this done numerous times on numerous trips, when the agent swabbed my hands and told me to move on….I did. I did not realize that a new step in this process had been added and that included yet another agent located to my right about 12 feet away, in a small cubicle with a scanner for analysis of the strip. (In other airports this scanner is right there by the agent who swabs you) As I moved to the left to retrieve my purse from the bin, I heard a woman screaming: “Don’t you dare! You get yourself over here! Don’t even think about it! You get yourself over here right now!”

I, of course, looked around to see not only who was screaming, but whom was she screaming at? You guessed it! It was me! As I walked towards her I asked her why she was screaming. She went on a diatribe about how I had to stand there until the analysis was finished, and I better not move until it was complete. Being me, I of course expressed my disgust with this type of behavior, knowing it to be an intimidation tactic and also totally unnecessary. Then comes MR.TSA!! He ran over to where I was and immediately went into a soliloquy about how buildings were blown up in this country and it could happen again and their job was to make sure it didn’t. He ended with saying he thought about this every day. Doubtful Mr. TSA, very doubtful. (PS: I didn’t blow up any buildings in New York or anywhere else for that matter, but you already knew that)

The thought that went through my mind at that moment was: “why would you think that accosting passengers, screaming at the top of your lungs, physically assaulting them, and adopting a threatening militant persona and bellowing at the top of your lungs, would somehow be conducive to keeping anyone safe from terrorists or that by extension, those same people you assaulted would not view TSA as a terrorist organization?

In talking with a huge number of individuals in the airports one thing became readily apparent: They were not fearful of terrorists but they were terrified of TSA agents. Mission accomplished, I would suppose.

What the government did need was an event that would terrorize America into forfeiting, and acquiescing to direct attacks on their rights and protections, and who would then willingly accept the attacks on our Constitution. The conspiracy theorists in government parlayed this 9/11 event, whether actually an attack by foreign “terrorists’ or a complicit insider attack to scare the US population into acquiescing to unwarranted, searches, surveillance and invasive and degrading physical assaults, is open to debate. What is glaringly apparent is that this system of conditioning and training of the public to; submit and comply, to forfeit their right to travel freely without being accosted by government agents, to submit to unwarranted search and seizure, is nothing more than training for the burgeoning police state.

You cannot observe the massive delays, the TSA agents who incessantly scream at passengers, directing them to various lines to stand in, the multiple checkpoints and, identification checks, and all that follows and conclude that this system is in any way intended to protect us from terrorists. This is a tracking and surveillance system meant to accustom you, the American citizen, to police state tactics. Add to this the massive Utah data collection center that captures every possible piece of information about each and every one of us creating mountains of useless, pointless information, instead of focusing on truly possible threats. “The data center is alleged to be able to process “all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Internet searches, as well as all types of personal data trails— parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital ‘pocket litter’.”

Thanks to the USA Freedom Act, in November 2015, the NSA lost the ability to directly hold information about the phone calls of millions of U.S. citizens. While the change is significant, the NSA can still collect and store your communication from the internet and social media.

I have concluded that the senseless and costly system that is TSA is not so much about “keeping us safe”, as it is a study in human nature. It is the Stanford Experiment come to life in real time. TSA took otherwise normal, everyday people, armed them with a uniform and a badge, and gave them power over other people that they would never had in their everyday lives. The result is exactly the result produced in the Stanford Experiment; everyday people become abusive, aggressive and a threat to those they have been given power over.

Things that indicate you might be a terrorist:

My recent trip to the Washington D.C. area included visits to the Dirkson Senate building and the Raeburn House building. Numerous times I passed through the scanners, was briefly detained while they used a hand held scanner due to metal implants I have, and then was thanked for my cooperation, and sent on my way.

At the airports: Wearing an underwire bra could mean you are a potential terrorist. Who knew??

This error on my part caused TSA agents to absolutely panic. As a result they used “the backs of their hands” to mash, push on, rub, squeeze and otherwise avail themselves of my breasts. All of this right out in public view. In fairness, they asked if I wanted a private screening. No! No! And NO! I preferred them to physically assault me right out in the public in front of witnesses…just in case we had to go to court. And also, my thinking was if they were this invasive, brazen and militant out in front of other passengers, I could not imagine how aggressive and abusive they would become in private.

But it didn’t stop there. At another airport a few days later….

Again, not realizing that having sparkly appliques on the pocket of my jeans, appliques which were obviously the cause of the yellow blocks on the body screen, would result in having my buttocks mashed, grabbed, squeezed and rubbed repeatedly, and would also require a hand to my genital area, and a hand slipped down the back of my jeans. The reason for this is quite unknown to me, but apparently very necessary in order for Miss TSA agent to be satisfied that I did not have explosives secreted in my vagina that could possibly be set off by rubbing the sparkly appliques briskly.

Note to self: Do not wear underwire bras and/or have sparkles on your jean pockets. You might just be a terrorist.

At the airport in Columbia, South Carolina, I apparently moved while in the scanner. This caused a tremendous amount of distress to the scanner which then produced a body image with yellow blocks from one end to the other. One agent yelled, “You moved! You weren’t supposed to move!”. I didn’t realize that I had moved. The obvious remedy for this was for me to go through the scanner again and to try and remain still. But, no! This would have been far too simple. Instead, I was marched directly to the yellow foot pads, instructed to hold my arms out while another agent availed herself of my body while simultaneously spitting orders at me as to what she wanted me to do next in order for her to assess whether or not I was not a terrorist. After so much intimate physical contact, I wondered, as I walked away, if I shouldn’t have at least asked her for her number.

Second note to self: Along with the underwire bras and sparkles on your jean pockets….for God’s sake do not move in the scanner!

There was also the initial checkpoint at the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I presented my ID to the agent who immediately observed that I looked “frustrated”. How would Miss TSA know? She didn’t know me. Maybe this is just the way I look all the time. (It most likely is) But her question was obviously a result of the new training. Is Miss TSA trained in behavior detection? TSA agents are receiving training that supposedly allows them to identify passengers who might be upset with all the unnecessary delays, scanning, physical assaults, and the obviously unconstitutional nature of this whole process and who now will be added to a new list of potentially dangerous passengers.

I suppose now I am on this list.

In summary:

As Dick Cheney opined in the PNAC ( Project for the New American Century)report, “What we need is another Pearl Harbor type event”….for what purpose Mr. Cheney? We had more than 1500 laws on the books to deal with terrorists prior to 9/11…none of them ever invoked. But those laws did not attack our Constitution, deprive us of our rights or convert us into threats to the government. Therefore, we needed the pre-9/11, all ready written, Patriot Act, and the subsequent Security Enhancement Act of 2003. Both Acts a direct attack on our constitutional rights and protections and clearly aimed at the American public at large.

Regardless of how or why it occurred, 9/11 was an opportunity for the Federal government to implement one of the most invasive, unconstitutional agencies in existence today: Homeland Security.

This agency, created under non-positive Code and Title (meaning the government had no constitutional or lawful right to create it) is not focused on fighting terrorism or looking for terrorists from other places, but rather on subjecting the American public to police state tactics that force you to submit and comply with violations of your own rights and your physical person for no other reason than…they can. As a result and as planned, TSA (Total Surveillance) was immediately brought live.

We, the American public, are the terrorists they fear. The majority of the surveillance, unlawful data gathering on individuals, targeting of individuals, harassment, attacks on rights and protections, fusion centers focused on spying on local communities, spying and data mining of the net, assembling of dossiers on each and every one of us, and the constant attacks on our Constitution and other activities are all focused on…. us!

As an afterthought: Terrorists by nature, do not concern themselves with any laws we might pass to supposedly fight terrorism….if they were concerned they wouldn’t be terrorists! TSA is not focused on identifying and weeding out potential terrorists….it is focused on American citizens.


The Patriot Act H.R.3162



Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Usually it’s just nerves or a good dose of electromagnetic energy, but if you’re traveling through a TSA checkpoint, chances are there are several sets of eyes on you. What are they looking at? Is your hair messed up? Looking flustered after problems at the ticket counter? Have toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe? No. You’re being watched by Behavior Detection Officers, or BDOs in government acronym-speak.”

In response to claims that the data center would be used to illegally monitor email of U.S. citizens, in April 2013 an NSA spokesperson said, “Many unfounded allegations have been made about the planned activities of the Utah Data Center, …one of the biggest misconceptions about NSA is that we are unlawfully listening in on, or reading emails of, U.S. citizens. This is simply not the case.” This statement was made two months prior to the document leak that revealed the existence of the PRISM program.