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Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guests will be: Donna Quinn {NYS Leader}, Christina Anderson {Oregon State Leader},- Jackie Star- Perrigoue {Washington Administrator}- of Paws Across America Advocacy {PAAA}


Paws Across America Advocacy (PAAA) works to educate people on how to “vote smart” for animal welfare friendly candidates and provides tools to help locate your reps voting history. See: http://www.hslf.org/ Score Cards. We must all make, constant, contact with our elected officials to communicate what animals need!

With that being said, the voting public wants better laws for protection, and stiffer penalties for abusers of animal cruelty, neglect and “shelter reform.” PAAA keeps in contact with candidates by emails, letters and phone calls.

**Nationwide Rally- Saturday, Sept 22nd, 2018 at 11 AM PDT -Your state Capitals**


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She has a donor but not the medical ins
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Now she is in need of being saved.
No amount is to small or to big.
It’s gonna take a village, but we are a
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