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Abolish Probate Tribunals


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Hosted by Marti Oakley with Luanne Fleming

Our sympathies go out to Carly Walden, our Tuesday night host on “Hospice Survivors & Victims”.  Carly’s grandmother, Gwen, whom Carly helped care for,  passed away recently.  Our hearts are with you Carly!


Helen Taylor joins us this evening to update us on all the activities happening in Missouri including the upcoming rally there.

She also is fighting Morgan county Missouri which won’t let her have Charley’s retirement to live on.  They apparently need his retirement finances more than she does.  Also, Helen discovered late one evening, one aid, Ron, taking care of 61 inmates and the LPN was asleep on the couch in the dining room. 

Helen will also be speaking about the veterans who have asked for help in getting free from forced isolation in this nursing home.  While the VA has claimed that it has no guardianship program, the fact is that it does.  And the VA has the lawful authority to step in and retrieve these veterans from these homes.  The question is:  Why don’t they act to protect them from these predators?