Chuck Frank


Do Americans know that they are being profiled by their telephone company?   Service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile collect data and retain it but are not forthcoming in detailing the kind of data they collect and the reasons why they collect it.  Taking this a bit further, a quick glimpse here shows what smartphone service providers collect and what governments are up to.

In the near future people, depending upon the country they live in and government mandates, persons will not be able to buy or sell without a card or a smartphone that can be scanned at either a store or by using other electronic means that will connect to ones cell phone, their account or their computer.  Paying for anything in cash or by check will become  history and not an option.  This is a necessary evil that governments and corporations will enforce for the “benefit” of the country and the world.  My advice…don’t sell out to this monster which is meant to place every human being on the planet under an all seeing eye that will finally take away every last freedom for the sake of the “good of the whole.”

Taking this further, with service provider tracking, there are incoming and outgoing calls of the phone number that a person uses, plus the numbers that are received from calls and even the duration of the call is placed in a database.  Then there are the incoming and outgoing text messages and the phone numbers a person sends when texting which are being stored as well.  Also, how often emails are checked is still another profiling gesture, plus the the location of the user.

Data retention policies vary among service providers, and certain records are kept longer than others.  For instance, since September 2011, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint all differ when it comes to how long they store any combination of cell tower history records, text message detail, text message content, IP session information, IP destination information, and bill copies.

Yes, it’s called an invasion of ones privacy and eventually this agenda could be used to silence journalists, politicos, innocent people, and others who may be a threat to the system of tracking and the deep state which also has infiltrated the U.S. Government and the justice system.

There may be nothing that a person can do about the data that their  service provider collects, but they might be able to stop the data from being shared with third-parties such as advertisers. Some service providers offer an opt out clause from certain types of advertising.
  The Education Foundation Consumer Federation of California.

     In contrast, the new firewall of China and the communist state just happens to be a government run cellphone company, called China Mobile.  One of its key features blocks and censors content going both ways for the “protection” of the state.  Big Brother, China Mobile is one of the largest cell phone companies in the world and is already on a dastardly sinister  mission.

However, will America’s phone companies follow suit and begin blocking and filtering smart phone news content that may expose and reveal hidden truths about the government/telecom merger and those tyrannical elements that come with a 24 hour surveillance package? Since 9/11, the relationship between phone companies and the government surely cannot be trusted and is fully illegal.

   Furthermore, if the content of land lines and cell phones continue to be tapped through limitless and warrant less surveillance, America is headed down the same totalitarian path as China and therefore will end up with a Constitution that will become a worthless piece of paper; shadows of the prison planet.

  Looking through the lens of a fiber optics cable world, as fast as technology is moving, how fast will the countries of the world be gathering data in order to control every aspect of a person’s life? Control the communication between the people and thus, the gods of the airwaves and the fiber optics world will rule.  It is time that the people stood up to the beast that is now being unleashed? 

But why?

Sadly, even your dishwasher could be watching you.  Samsung’s Orwellian TV’s watches you.  Intersection cameras are watching while  all major stores are recording a video.  There has been no let up on the draconian and present world wide web of surveillance and it is so massive and intrusive that even the most remote places such as the  Amazon jungle, there natives that can be seen using cellphones.  Yes, even they are going hi-tech        because they enjoy staying in contact with their friends, yet the parents of these teens are upset because they say that it will destroy their family, their society and their culture.  Yes, their are benefits to having a smartphone but do those  benefits outweigh how one interacts with their family, their religion and their culture?  What has already been lost?  Will the gains of technology outweigh those major sinister elements that are rapidly moving towards “mission control and a loss of total freedom?”