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Hosted by Marti Oakley


Caroline Douglas, author of “the Dark Side: A Treatise on Law and Judging“, joins us this evening to discuss a fake law created by a New Mexico judge:

She called it Rule 37(D) Rules of Civil Procedure. It created a “duty” to continuously update prior discovery (written discovery produced months earlier that was complete when produced) and applied the “duty” only to the pro se.

The actual provision (See Rule 26) is there is no continuing duty. But there was more made up law. The Judge created a new doctrine in contract law, called “merger-fusion”.  The entire trial was filings using only errors in law and discretion.  Carolyn will give us an overview of the process and what to look for might be helpful to listeners.

Also: The West Virginia Supreme Court impeachment.  My 1997 Whistleblowing was on the N.H. State Supreme Court, also voted by the House to Impeach. There are lots of hidden political perils manipulated to make impeachment NOT work!!

Below is a link and cover for the follow-up to Volume 1.