Government Aims to Dictate Your Vitamin Dosages


Draconian limits on vitamin dosage amounts could be coming if the feds get their way. Action alert!

That bottle of 1000mg vitamin D capsules in your medicine cabinet could soon be contraband. Important entities are meeting to discuss how to restrict the kinds of supplements you can take under the guise of “harmonization” of supplement standards. If they’re allowed to move forward, it’s possible that the federal government could adopt restrictions on vitamin doses that can be legally sold, as Europe has already done.

At the request of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recently convened a workshop to “assess methodological approaches that could be applied uniformly across countries in setting nutrient intake recommendations,” with particular attention on how standards could be set for population subgroups such as young children and women of reproductive age. “Nutrient intake recommendations” include upper levels of intake, which are used to restrict the vitamin dose that a supplement can contain.

This workshop is another in a series of meetings NAS is involved in with other entities, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations, who are both sponsors of Codex, to discuss limits on vitamin doses. As we reported previously, Codex is an intergovernmental body whose goal is to establish international standards regarding food safety and food ingredients, with the goal of promoting “fair trade practices” and consumer protections. Codex standards on supplements, however, are widely expected to follow Europe’s draconian restrictions, where selenium, for example, is limited in supplement form to that found in one-third of a Brazil nut.

It is extremely concerning that NAS is working to establish upper limits for supplements on multiple fronts. To be clear, NAS cannot create standards—they merely make recommendations. But government bodies listen closely to NAS, and as we discussed in our previous article, it isn’t clear whether the FDA can ban therapeutic supplements doses on its own, without public involvement. If the agency decides, following recommendations from NAS, that vitamin D, for example, over a certain amount “presents a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury”—the legal definition of an adulterated supplement—the FDA may be able to ban it. The agency recently placed restrictions on certain bulk caffeine products along similar lines, so the path seems open for similar actions against other products.

Of additional concern is that NAS has proven that it does not understand the science of supplements. Recall that their “experts” recommended that adults ingest 600 IU of vitamin D each day, and they established an upper level (the level above which supposedly poses a danger to adults) of 4,000 IU. Any real experts will tell you this is nonsense; the Vitamin D Council recommends 5,000 IU of vitamin D for adults, and it’s not uncommon for an integrative physician to recommend higher levels when needed. For this reason, we don’t want NAS anywhere near a discussion that could lead to supplement restrictions.

What the NAS, Codex, and European authorities don’t seem to understand is that, to gain the beneficial effects of certain vitamins, they must at times be taken in therapeutic doses. Consider vitamin C. Research has indicated that therapeutic doses of vitamin C impart many benefits. Students who supplemented with hourly doses of 1000mg vitamin C for six hours and then three times daily afterwards exhibited an 85% decrease in cold and flu symptoms compared to those who took decongestants. Therapeutic vitamin C regimens also have heart protective benefits, including reducing damage caused by heart attacks and lowering coronary heart disease risk. For comparison, the “safe” upper limit set by the NAS for vitamin C is 2,000mg. (Note that the upper levels currently set by the NAS are meant to serve merely as a guide, that is, they are non-binding.)

In the past, NAS has studied and published upper limits for a handful of vitamins and minerals, mostly for educational purposes. Our concern is that now, NAS is increasingly meeting and consulting with governmental bodies from other countries who have been responsible for setting upper limits and then banning supplements above those limits, as the European Union has done. Will the US head down the same road? It’s unclear as of yet, but these recent developments are not encouraging.

Compared to other parts of the world, the US enjoys relative freedom in our choices regarding therapeutic doses of supplements. We must act now, in the initial stages of the multiple processes underway at NAS, to make sure it stays that way.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and the FDA, the agency that would be responsible for any future bans on supplements, and tell them not to limit therapeutic doses of supplements in the US. Please send your message immediately.

Source: Government Aims to Dictate Your Vitamin Dosages

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  1. Siv.
    Aug 07, 2018 @ 18:39:28

    I see there are alot of surviving cancer victims & cancer experts who know the real truth.

    It’s Interesting what a biochemist can tell you.

    Does everybody know that the positive clinical results of natural substances that stimulates your immune system to produce ceramide which strips the mitocondria of caner/tumor cells/killing & removing any traces of malignancies/curing cancer/tumor victims should be published in ALL medical journals regardless of suspect medical, political or investor interests in not doing so.

    Cancer/tumor victims don’t have to suffer agonising chemo or drug induced injuries/pains or die a miserable death, to pay someone elses wages.



  2. Louie C
    Jul 27, 2018 @ 12:41:42

    Jonathan Emord – Host of Health Law & Politics

    Jonathan Emord holds the record for beating the FDA in Court! He has fought FDA and FTC for sixteen years in an effort to end government censorship of health information. He has extensive knowledge of the latest policies, politics and financial interests at work at FDA, at FTC, and on Capitol Hill. A lawyer who fights corruption in government as his stock and trade, he is well qualified to reveal the real interests supporting and opposing government actions in the drug and dietary supplement market: those who call the shots, those who stand to gain, and those who stand to lose. Called the “FDA Dragonslayer,” Emord has a consistent career of opposing those who for private financial gain or the want of power violate constitutional rights.

    Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration prohibits food and dietary supplement companies from telling consumers how nutrients in their products can prevent or treat disease? No person who or entity that sells nutrients can lawfully tell you the therapeutic effects of those products unless FDA approves each statement; that prior restraint is imposed even if the statement is true. To tell you one sentence of truth about how a nutrient affects a disease, a company must spend tens of thousands of dollars and wait for a year or more until FDA approves it (and FDA approves precious few). Not many companies can afford those rates or those odds.

    The effect is a mass suppression of health information in grocery stores, health food stores, and in the media. Those with the greatest financial interest in telling you the effects of the most basic substances we consume every day cannot legally tell you. For example, it is illegal for those who sell prune juice to tell consumers that their products relieve chronic constipation yet who on earth would question the truth of that statement? A company that did tell you that effect could have its product enjoined from sale and seized and its corporate officers prosecuted with potential prison terms.


  3. C. Frank
    Jul 26, 2018 @ 21:33:18

    I get the feeling that there is an agenda to limit good nutrition to where
    a persons immune system cannot work the way it should and therefore illnesses occur that could be fatal. Is this another angle at depopulation
    by Bill Gates and friends? The AMA is not interested in good nutrition
    and cures for cancer that are natural and non toxic. They are only interested in a patent in the form of medicine that Big Pharma can make money on. UC Davis is setting up “nutrition” centers all over the world
    but is in bed with Monsanto and GMO’s. Doctors must point their patients
    towards FDA approved medicine. If Doctors recommend herbs or
    some other natural healing property, they can lose their license.


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