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Join our show this evening and welcome our guest Lawrence Black. Lawrence is going to share with us what his father went through at the end of his life. Lawrence has great suggestions to restoring the culture of life after what his family went through in the medical field. He also supports many causes and designs clothing at He is an advocate and we look forward to his appearance.



My dad was doing extremely well despite his dementia while at his assisted living facility just prior to moving to the Fountains at Franklin assisted living in Southfield, MI around the first of March 2015. Once he moved there my dad was still doing pretty well but things did definitely go downhill. I do not recall a specific treatment plan being put into place upon his arrival, but the facility was supposed to take care of my dad’s needs. After a month or two I signed up with the assisted living facility’s new elderly or geriatric care doctor who was Dr. De Morales, and the ONLY time I ever heard from him regarding the care or care plan for my dad was once right after I signed up with this doctor for my dad who came recommended by the Fountains.

I was my dad’s legal guardian who would work to visit at least once a week or every other week, but not being there 24-7 you never really know the kind of care an elderly resident receives in terms of medical care, proper feedings, or providing proper libation and hydration. My dad would always eat and drink when my mother or I came over to feed him and often times I felt as if this facility and their employees were overworked and understaffed. During the course of the nine months my dad was there he did get dressed to go to church every week, but often times he just slept in his room and would watch TV sometimes and again I visited and brought him food or took him out as often as I could. My dad fell approximately 3-5 times while living in this facility so they were on notice and never with any specific explanation as to why it happened or any possible solutions or recommendation for removal from the facility by the facility for my dad if they could not help him just that they were going to send him to Providence Hospital and inform Dr. DeMorales for follow up with me.

And the very first time the EMS firm refused to take my dad to the hospital because my dad said he was fine, but I was his legal guardian. After I complained the Director of Nursing forced the EMS workers to always take my dad after that. My dad definitely could eat and drink but his return diagnosis from Providence was always continuing dehydration and after the hospital would make sure my dad was hydrated he always came back to the assisted living place OK at least for a while. On a couple of occasions in the past the staff workers said they did not like dealing with my dad including helping him with showers because often times he seemed frustrated about something.

My dad fell for the last time on December 27, 2015 and for two to three hours after that the facility did not even know that my dad was transported to Beaumont in Royal Oak this time and not Providence. In addition, a couple of months prior to this date a lady named Maria who was the new supervisor at the assisted living facility reached out to me to say that she wanted to do a care plan for my dad which I agreed to. Once she and the director of nursing met with my mother and me they proposed the (bad idea on taking my father on trips), purportedly assisting him more with his overall grooming and dental needs, and checking on him in his room 5-6 times a day. They told me by the way though these changes would be an extra $500-$600 per month and not only had they not told me anything about this charge to be forthcoming, I told them that it was my belief that they were supposed to be doing some of these things already for what I was paying. One other thing is that for the last month before my father last fell, as my father’s legal guardian I sent several emails to the director of nursing for the Fountains requesting any and all incident reports and medical records from their facility and their Dr. De Morales concerning my dad and I NEVER received one response including several un-responded to previous requests to see if the doctor would order more physical therapy sessions for my dad. On the 27th when my dad entered Beaumont in Royal Oak after a few days they were going to release my dad to a physical therapy facility, but then he came down with a terrible and awful case of aspiration pneumonia. One day I was there they tried feeding him some type of chunky chicken pot pie but I think he was supposed to be on a pureed diet. Also I think they gave my dad antibiotics although the pulmonary doctor told me my dad’s problem was only chicken cartilage, so I don’t know if enough treatment was done for all of his mucus and pneumonia. My dad was becoming very weak, was choking and gurgling all the time, and I was also told that he had a urinary tract infection, and acute kidney injury. Every time my mother, myself, and other family members would visit my dad would be lying flat on his bed and not upright and we would always request if he could be elevated a bit when we were there. The nurses were nice and did suctioning some of the time, but my dad was agitated some of the time when it was done so he spent his days there struggling very hard to swallow. He did receive a PEG feeding tube about a week before his discharge on January 20th 2016 and around that time the Fountains of Franklin said they would no longer allow my dad to be a resident because of this.

I don’t know if it was too soon or not to discharge my dad, but I felt like the hospital rushed me before this date to secure a nursing home for my dad which I did. They discharged my dad on the 20th and he was brought over by ambulance to the Advantage Skilled Nursing home in Redford to live. I did receive a voicemail from Advantage that my dad rolled out of bed at least once and was detected on the ground either that day or the next and they did attempt to suction his every day also because his pneumonia aspiration was getting worse. On the 23rd or the 24th Advantage called me to say that my dad’s temperature had spiked through the roof and that they were going to have him transported to Botsford/ Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills, MI. While there my dad progressively got worse and after a brief interview one of the nurses named Thea told me that she absolutely believed that he should not have had to be transported to their hospital and should have continued to be treated and stayed at the first hospital my dad was in. Anyway after I guess doing all they could but after much struggle due to these events and conditions, and the whole family visiting my dad on January 28, 2016 he passed away at approximately 3:51pm. From: Lawrence Black (Son and Legal Guardian)