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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway


Part 3 of:  Meet James Treat, as he shares his years fighting the system to uncover Calvin, Oklahoma corruption.

Airing at 3 p.m Pacific, 6 p.m Mountain,  p.m Central, and 8 p.m Eastern, you will see and hear about the continued price one man has paid and the doors he is opening to make Calvin a better place to live.

The town of CALVIN, in HUGHES COUNTY OKLAHOMA, is under seize-and, this is a good thing! It looks like wrongs will have no choice but to be made right!

Thanks to persistence of some true warriors, and the pure arrogance of the good ol’ boy system thinking they are immune, there is help for the little town of Calvin.

JAMES TREAT, long-time citizen-and resident advocate; has almost single handedly stood front and center standing up to the squatting throne sitters, and has refused to let the town of 200 (give or take a few) be ruled by through intimidation.

Marti-Oakley’s TS RADIO added an extra show for “TNT Tanya Talks-where your voice is heard and your story is told” on Friday, June 22nd to unveil just what is happening in that little town and some of the biggest failures to rule with law and order.


If you have a verifiable story to share that can expose Oklahoma Judicial/Government Corruption-contact me at Maybe someday we can actually have a show on the good ones that didn’t conform… come out! come out! wherever you are!

Why am I doing this? I found out I am not alone when it comes to the egregious, toxic corruption in Oklahoma. My story is below.