TS Radio: Whistleblower’s! VA Hospitals Still Engaging in Retaliation Against Whistleblowers


Join us July 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST!


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Hosted by Marti Oakley




Whistleblower’s is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Annual Whistleblower’s Summit  in Washington D.C., July 30 & 31, 2018.  The public is cordially invited.

Our  guests are:  Sean Higgens and Jay DeNofrio

Sean Higgins has almost single-handedly exposed all the dangerous conditions at the Memphis VA Hospital.  He has been pivotal in gaining MSM news coverage.  Due to his relentless pursuit of adequate care for our veterans, Sean has been retaliated against, intimidated and harassed by the VA.  They can find the resources and the time to harass Sean, but can find neither when it comes to correcting the problems.  Joining the show with Sean will be Jay DeNofrio, another VA whistleblower who has succeeded in getting his case into federal court Mr. DeNofrio is a Department of Veterans Affairs whistleblower who is arguing that officials at a VA hospital in Pennsylvania retaliated against him after he warned superiors about a doctor who appeared to exhibit signs of dementia yet continued to treat patients.

This should be a concern for all veterans and their families.




DeNofrio Federal Court case




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ppjg
    Jul 08, 2018 @ 14:29:28

    Because Siv: there is money in sick people. If they get well. .. how would they afford those new cars, expensive homes and all the other glitz and glamour that comes with buying, selling, experimenting on the public?


  2. Siv.
    Jul 06, 2018 @ 04:12:40

    Interesting point these predators can find the (violent) resources/can i add, to stalk, harass, intimidate, terrorise or assault witnesses who can expose medical abuses & the abusers for that’s what their “respectable resourses” do seemingly above the law & it’s a horrible thing to experience.

    Where is all this political/medical/legal & judicial comittee based statute/legislation samctioned/decided poisoning & robbing abuses of the elderly going anyway?

    If victims wern’t poisoned to fit a suspect diagnosis, a long list of people wouldn’t be able to take these poisoned victims and families money which is what this is all about/ensuring their income at an emence cost to each victim & family member.

    Ted Talks had an interesting point i want to add here & take further, clinicle trial publishers won’t publish negative results, which is misleading drs & costing MANY lives..

    In my view, all medicines which are based on poisons hard translating actions has a negative result and as it has already been researched experts tell us that these victims have toxic myopathy, encephalopathy or simply put poisoning injuries which can be treated very easily if you dan’t have an alteria motive by stopping the toxic assaults & cleaning them up so with all this evudence i ask, why are these poisoning/abducting/robbing & killing abuses of the elderly & still going on?



  3. THE DEMOCRATS CRIMINALIZATION OF BLACK FATHERS - Black Educated Women Against Racism Everywhere (BEWARE)
    Jul 05, 2018 @ 20:24:39

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