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Special guest:  John Leckrone

Hosted by Marti Oakley, Brian Kinter and Luanne Fleming


Join us as John Leckrone returns to discuss the current sad state of affairs in so-called probate “courts”.  These are not courts of law, but rather, tribunals that are not Constitutional. In these tribunals the protections provided under the Constitution of the United States do not apply.  You have no rights.  You have no protections from the predators who use these tribunals to prey on the public for profit.  As these are not courts of law, you are being subjected to statutes specifically created to render you defenseless and even in these instances, the statutes are totally disregarded or violated in order to allow the ongoing theft of estates and the illegal imprisonment of elderly and disabled individuals in participating facilities under the guise of “guardianship”.   Billions are stolen each year from those who are seen as vulnerable to this system of predators.  It is the greatest transfer of wealth in this country that MSM never acknowledges.

So what are your rights?  What can you do to protect yourself?  Hopefully, we can answer at least some of these questions for those trapped in this system of human trafficking for profit.

John also co-hosts 4th And Baker on Blogtalk radio