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TONIGHT’S SHOW  TS Radio with Tanya Hathaway’s “TNT Tanya Talks, Where your voice is heard, and your story is told” contains compelling follow ups with two victims who have been on our show. Their podcast links are below.


We continue a conversation with Stephen Thompson; abuse by Special Judge J. Anthony Miller, at Tulsa District Courthouse, and on FATHER’S DAY, still being denied upholding the order for visitation with his children. . . . and more.
Stephen’s earlier podcast link:…/ts-radio-tnt-tanya-talks-wit…

MARY ROMA GAGE START HER OUTRAGEOUS AIL SENTENCE given the initial abuse by Tulsa District Court and the reprehensible set ups. Recently Mary’s (we call her Roma) matter was transferred to a remote court outside of Tulsa County. This is one of countless actions that one would seem to believe is to cover up Tulsa’s courtroom abuse by the Judge and attorney’s that seem to continue to make themselves quite a living by heisting trusts of unsuspecting victims who have lost their loved ones. So what did Roma do? She filed for what rightfully belongs to her family.

This is an earlier podcast with Mary prior to being sentenced to jail and they last minute presented another charge and 20k in fines on a contempt charge she had no prior notice of. This is all CONJURED TO STEAL MONEY THAT HER PARENTS LEFT FOR HER FAMILY NOT CORRUPT ATTORNEYS ………et al.

Roma’s podcast below.…/2018/…/01/ts-radio-

The Judicial Oversight Committee and to the Oklahoma Trust Company and Bar Association on the show tonight.

These good people are two of MANY lives being torn apart by denial of due process, obstruction of justice, and absolutely grave judicial abuses in Tulsa District Court and throughout the state of Oklahoma. Specifics continued tonight.

If you believe based on what you here and is being provided, please,take action. We need to do this for each other. This is how we wll make the strides it takes to reform judicial and government corruption in Oklahoma.

Contact me at if you have or are experiencing legit abuse in Oklahoma and can provide compelling evidence to validate it.