Join us Friday, June 15, 2018 at 7:00 CST!

Please join us on Friday June 15 for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day!

5:00 pm PST… 6:00 pm MST7:00 pm CST8:00 pm EST

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Hosted by Marti Oakley and Debbie Dahmer

We Will be taking calls after the first hour. 


Debbie Dahmer and I will host our third annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day show.  The elderly are being abused, neglected and robbed all across the country.  While there are multiple incidents of family and community members committing the abuse, by far the greatest threat to seniors today is the probate tribunal system where their lives are essentially brought to an end….but not before the predators help themselves to the estate.

Isolation, chemical restraint and abuse are common in these situations.  While the government and MSM continually refuse to acknowledge who the real predators are, and, that these predators are interested in nothing more than availing themselves of the estate, our elderly languish and die while being isolated from family, friends and even religious associations.  Chemical restraints are used to prevent the elderly from complaining or crying out.

This and more while our legislators both state and federal refuse to truthfully address the wholesale culling of the elderly at the hands of a corrupted probate system that operates outside of Constitutional restraints.  The elderly, now viewed as a “waste population” are targeted for disposal.  Families across the country are demanding a stop to this mercenary system of abuse, exploitation and theft that ends with the eventual misery laden death of an elderly person who committed no other crime than aging with assets.

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These are just a sampling of the groups and organizations that are dedicated to ending the corruption and abuse of the probate system which includes “family” courts.

National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse

Elaine Renoire



Boomers Against Elder Abuse

Marcia Southwick



Whistleblower’s Summit

Marcel Reid



Judicial Accountability Movement

Brian Kinter


The Hidden Truth Revealed Radio


                  Luanne Fleming & Robin Austin


Foundation Aiding the Elderly

Carol Herman



Hospice Survivors & Victims Radio

Carly Walden



Todays Voice Radio

Randal Stone




4th and Baker with Host Kiler Davenport & Cohost John Leckrone




People’s Center for Law & Justice

lisa Belanger, Atty.




Boston Broadside

Lonnie Brennan