Chuck Frank

While the nations sleep,  history has shown us that tyrants, kings, monarchies, oligarchies, and dictators have repeatedly abused their subjects, young and old, and in many ways, systematically sought to maintain their royal power and authority no matter what the cost. The initial abuse in the beginning went unnoticed because of cover ups and censorship but then later surfaces in the form of oppression, prison, fines, over taxation, corrupt judges, property takings, invasion of privacy, state-run news outlets, and thousands of laws and regulatory policies that continues to benefit the government yet not the people.

   Now then, in America’s present day ideology of a “Republic”, the term is meant to give a country and its people “true” representation, that is worthy as being a voice of the people and not special interests.  And since departing from Great Britain in 1776, the American people who contested the authoritarian regime of King George III had hopes for a better life with regard to freedom and basic needs.

  So, while, America and other nations through the centuries embraced “better” government by the people, elected leaders began to cater to corporate elite’s, organizations, lobbyists and their own star-studded centralized bureaucracy. And although the voice from the people was the original intention, America began to fall from grace to powerful elite forces that rule behind the scenes…  Deep State anybody?

  Consequently, while America  still has the appearance of a Republic and being represented by Congress and State “representatives”, the bigger picture reveals that certain players in America and also other world governments are on a mission to destroy freedom and nationalism in exchange for globalism, the redistribution of the wealth, political correctness, persuasion, propaganda, legalism, socialism and other forms of a highly oppressive, centralized bureaucratic process, which fully departed from the Constitutional framework fashioned by the founders. So, how will “we the people” stop the present runaway train in its tracks and unload the luggage that binds the people?

Expose this sinister agenda that aims to enslave the people and shout it from the rooftops!


To begin with there are political organizations out there that need to be educated and shown what has happened historically to countries that had already embraced the concept of a centralized government for the “sake of the whole” but failed!   Those persons who believe in the “greatness” of government need to understand that this model  was never meant to be for the “safety” or “welfare” of the people.  These buzzwords were brought in as part of the globalist charade to encourage the nations to embrace collectivism and discard individualism and creative thinking.  Consequently, a controlling government elite will chart out a child’s life from birth until death.

  This dangerous idea has been planned for all people and all nations to finally collectively fall into line and march in step for the “sake of humanity”, yet while subjects are obedient to “the god of government.” In the end, this system, even when it destroys cultures, families, livelihoods, bank accounts, housing, food supplies, cities, neighborhoods and the entire moral fabric of society, is meant to be implemented and also followed religiously at all costs!

  Now, it’s your call.  Preserve your freedom and your country for the sake of the children and future generations.