Marti Oakley

May 22, 2018


Dear Mr. Sessions:

I have been hosting an internet radio show for about eight years most of which has been dedicated to exposing the ongoing trafficking of the elderly and the disabled with no other intent than to disinherit families by seizing the accumulated assets of someone else’s life’s work by professional predators. The result of these criminal acts, are the robbed and traumatized victims and family’s and the greatest transfer of wealth ever witnessed in this country. When government studies are done such as those by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) they look at only those cases that will support the contention that it is family or friends who commit these acts, without ever alluding to or even acknowledging the massive number of cases of guardianship and conservator abuses by professionals who make their living preying on the elderly who have committed the new age crime of aging with assets.

Having called your agency numerous times, and, after hearing from numerous other individuals attempting to report to your agency the human trafficking of the elderly and disabled by predators who operate as professional “guardians”, “conservators” and “attorneys” across the country, I am appalled by your lack of action on this issue. I suppose I shouldn’t be, after all, your agency is populated by individuals who are also BAR Association members and none of this human trafficking has happened without great efforts by BAR members to pass arbitrary and unconstitutional statutes in every state that allow them to traffic the elderly and disabled without penalty. The associated professional guardians also profit handsomely from targeting elderly victims and seizing their assets. And, during this process their bank accounts, property holdings and assets of all kinds are exponentially increased as they avail themselves of every possible dime in the estate with padded billings, spurious and inflated charges of all kinds, and repeated motions in these tribunals which of course is an absolute gold mine for siphoning money off the estate.

You do know, don’t you, that the targeted victim’s estate is forced to pay for every action brought against it. I liken this to having to pay for weaving the rope they are going to hang you with.

Maybe you could explain to me:

  • How the living, breathing human being is forced to suffer a statutory civil death, equal in its legal consequences to a physical death, and then:
  • have their identity taken from them and assigned to a known predator, who now assumes and presents themselves as the victim, along with all their assets?
  • Why is it that in these tribunals, the rules of evidence do not have to be adhered to?
  • Why does the code of civil procedure not apply?
  • Why is due process never adhered to?
  • Why are ex parte hearings allowed to occur without notice to the family or the victim?
  • Why are these professional predators allowed to levy charges of all kinds against the victim and the family and friends without ever producing any evidence that the charges are in fact valid?
  • Why are they never asked for such evidence?
  • Why is no evidence allowed to be entered into the record of the tribunal refuting the claims of the predators?
  • And why is the victim forced to pay for the actions brought against them when no crime has been committed, there is no injured party and no damage to property that the predator does not own or have an interest in….yet.

Does it not occur to you that if you are going to steal someone’s identity with the intent to profit, this should occur in a court of law with a jury present to hear the evidence justifying this theft of identity and the estate? Let me tell you why it does not happen. No crime has been committed. There is no injured party and there is no property damage nor any criminal act committed; therefore no civil or criminal charges would apply. . So they had to create this fictionalized system of statutes that declared the living person deceased with respect to the law, incompetent and vulnerable. The family and friends had to be declared a threat. No evidence needed, of course.

For years, anyone targeted under this predatory system was claimed to be bi-polar. Of course this diagnosis was made to prove incompetency, but since no tests or scientific evidence can be produced to support this disorder and it got challenged so many times, the word “incapacitated” (which can mean absolutely anything at all) has been substituted. Also, too many times the diagnosis was made by a paid “friend of the tribunal” who was a psychiatrist. Of course this professional rarely if ever saw the targeted victim and relied solely on hearsay remarks told to him/her by others. Others being attorneys, potential guardians, charge nurses who had guardians on speed dial and other “professionals”.

Included in this list of known predators are the hearing examiners who are euphemistically referred to as “judges”. Everything pivots around this individual who facilitates the identity theft that results from a gifted guardianship or conservator-ship. With the blessings of the hearing examiner, these predators now present themselves as the victim, complete with testamentary powers so that property can be captured, sold or simply kept for personal use. Personal items of value somehow never make it into the inventories of personal possessions now claimed by the predators. I liken this aspect of human trafficking to the common practice of serial killers to keep certain items as trophies to help them remember and relive their insidious crimes.

I realize that with the passage of ,

S.178 – Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act many people came to believe that somehow this sham bill was going to correct an ongoing criminal racketeering enterprise, wherein predators working in the above mentioned capacities, target, kidnap, isolate and steal the estates of their victims. This bill will do no such thing, as you well know. The bill simply reiterated standing state and federal laws against wire fraud, internet scams, etc..

Let me make myself perfectly clear here. As it exists today, probate and the ensuing kidnapping, isolation and the theft of estates is nothing less than the epitome of identity theft with the accompanying theft of assets of all kinds.

S178 had one purpose. That was to increase the power of and, funding to, the very agencies and individuals we are fighting every day of the week in an effort to protect our family members and friends from these very same predators. This bill not only did not provide any protection for those targeted under this system of trafficking, it provided no citing of criminal acts by these predators, nor did it provide for any criminal penalties or enforcement for these criminal acts by professional predators.

As you and I both know, if a crime is not specifically cited along with whom this criminal act would apply to, along with necessary penalties and enforcement, and who is to perform that enforcement, it has no lawful effect. But in the case of S178, resides specific language targeting family members or members of the public or community. Conspicuously absent was any reference to, or acknowledgment of, the professionals who make their living preying on the vulnerable with the intent of estate theft.

As an afterthought on S178, was a “miscellaneous” paragraph. That paragraph was the unconstitutional ceding of lawmaking power to the Department of Justice asking the DOJ to create model legislation on guardianship. Congress has no Constitutional authority to cede their lawmaking power, as doing so basically negates any need for them to even exist as a branch of government. This is a clear violation of the separation of powers. But you already know that.

Every year, an estimated 5-10 billion in real wealth is transferred from the rightful owners to the predators. Add the 30-60 billion estimated by the federal government to be bilked out of medicare by the medical industry and I believe it becomes blatantly clear that the elderly in this country have been deemed a waste population and disposable which has also reduced them to the status of human property. Now reclassified as property, they are bought, sold, traded and profited from by professionals who are gaming a very sick system of human trafficking.

My questions to you Mr. Sessions, are: Now that you have been unconstitutionally ceded law making powers, are you actually going to address the true problems in this system? Or are you simply going to pen model legislation that will codify the trafficking of the elderly by professional predators into actual law?

Very Sincerely,

Marti Oakley

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