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ABBY NEEDS HER FATHER HOME, But because her father, Brent Swallers- while fighting for his daughter’s safety -uncovered and stood up to massive corruption, he can’t even return home. In fact, Brent has left the country…for now. He has been framed.


Brent continues to be brave, informed and pro-active throughout the tsunamis of legal abuse. He has had success with filings along the way and placed liens on judges, and more and filed fought and won, only to return to retaliation to the levels that has and would take his freedom -at best, away.

Now in Mexico, Brent is in pursuit of international law to protect him so he can return home to his daughter and remove her from the mother who had given her up her up and lives with an alleged sexual predator who’s father has been arrested for crimes of the same.

Don’t miss this podcast. Brent will be talking about his fiery and fearless story and how he got where he is now, and more importantly, what is next. As well, this is a call for help!

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