Chuck Frank


The definition of Doublespeak is language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth.  Merriam-Webster.  For decades, an example of doublespeak can be seen through political persuasion, educational propaganda, censorship or fake news.  Augustus and Tiberius were dedicated to Rome’s imperial doubled doublespeak,  paying lip service to the Republic while ruling as oppressive emperors.

Taking this discourse a bit further, where is the evidence for America using the charade of doublespeak? Besides concealing certain events though censorship or fabrication with the likes of the mainstream media, Facebook or Google tampering, all one must do is look at how many executive orders are used by a U.S. President. One example shows that President Obama used executive orders that surpassed the combined executive total of all of the past Presidents.

Is this the unpardonable sin? Consequently, the American “Republic” took the biggest, emperor hit ever, considering that the power of any Republic rests with the people and the Congressional representatives who are elected, “by the people.” Yet why had Congress looked the other way?

Furthermore, in this day and age, doublespeak takes on other maladies.  For instance, some have declared that those who were our Founders and went to war with Great Britain during the American Revolution were “terrorists”.  Yet, these same people who attack the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the rest, are presently attempting to rewrite history and steer our entire nation towards a secular, Marxist form of government that would eventually become part of an un-elected New World Order where nationalism withers away.

Is not the European Union one of the best examples of the coming oppression?

In a marriage of this sort, within the Orwellian state, there are no  votes, no protests or a voice by the people allowed.  And these persons who belittle those who signed the Declaration of Independence, by saying that they were all terrorists, are the very same people who believe in gun control and a totalitarian state, thereby negating an American Constitutional form of government and the very essence of a free society which was enshrined within the Bill of Rights that is there to “protect” the people from their own government.  America is the only nation in the world which has this protection for its people. This freedom which is fully unique to the world, continues to be the flame of liberty which continues to be the light to the world. To view the original intentions of the Founders as something that was likened to terrorism is a shameful and gigantic departure from the truth and it clearly constitutes doublespeak!

To accurately assess how much influence there is now upon cultures and societies throughout the world, one must now consider the impact of
the internet and how it is already bending and changing social and political views. Internet players such as Facebook and Google are already using super tools to automatically target key words or phrases that are not aligned with their own views of “political correctness.” As a matter of fact, PPJ Gazette became a huge victim of this Silicon Valley agenda.

To further this “Ministry of Truth” tampering, one study by Mr. Epstein, of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, and Robert E. Robertson, a professor at Northeastern University, showed during the last presidential election that Google searches returned twice as many pro-Hillary Clinton news articles as Yahoo searches. These algorithms decide what news reaches the eyes and ears of Americans in an increasingly Google-Facebook-Twitter media environment.

After reviewing web sites that are not part of the far left philosophy, sinister automatic tools of the internet giants kick in and either censor certain content in various ways or send a notification to the internet user which states that the “site cannot be found” or that it is not accessible at the time of the search. The implications of this trickery is monumental because the importance of the truth of an event, or the accuracy of a news story being seen by millions, will be censored and not found because the automatic key word and phrase content will become missing for the sole purpose of promoting a biased political agenda.

Internet users beware.