Join us this evening May 1, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST!

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Hosted by Carly Walden


We will be talking about Hospice protocols and the medical industry’s growing efforts to euthanize those deemed useless, too old or too sick to waste their time on.

The public is being carefully conditioned to accept the hastening of death.  Bills are appearing across the country promoting “assisted suicide”, “right to die” and other benign sounding efforts promoting the early deaths of those deemed disposable.  It is a culture of death!  A whole system is in place that devalues life and regards the elderly, the disabled and others as unfit to continue living; too costly to survive.  Maybe you think this is ok as long as it isn’t your mother, your father or spouse your child, your brother, sister or other loved one,….or maybe even YOU!

Join us as we talk about the culture of LIFE!