Join us this evening April 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST!

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Hosted by Carly Walden


Tonights’ guest is:  Susan Moxley ….“Signed, Sad, angry, determined to expose” my father was murdered.

Susan will be us to tell about the last days of her fathers life.   Susan will tell the world what her father went through in the last days of his life.  These atrocities are going to continue to be exposed until change comes and the murders stop! We cannot sit back and be quiet about this any longer.  This is the biggest fraud and a very dangerous situation facing our senior citizens, disabled, and mentally ill.

Stealth euthanasia is alive and well!  While various states consider euthanasia bills, and “right to die” bills, the truth is, every state is allowing the euthanizing of elderly, handicapped and mentally ill people at the hands of Hospice and medical kidnappings by hospitals and doctors that result in the withholding of nutrition, hydration and necessary medical treatments to create the conditions necessary to declare “futility of care”.  Once that declaration is made, palliative care (terminal sedation) begins.  It ends with the “kill” shot which ends the life of the victim. .

Please join our efforts to stop this culture of death we live in. It’s A stealth culture happening right in front of you and your families.