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Our guests tonight are Peggy Dupree and Betty Gosnell.  At issue is the Florida Legislative Claims bill, located HERE! 

From the Bill:
*Payment to the guardian of the claimant, including a reversion to the source of payment upon the death of the
claimant. (This language should be used if the claimant is a minor or is incompetent. It is intended to protect
payments to claimants who are otherwise unable to protect their own interests).
“… payable to {guardian of claimant} as legal guardian of {claimant}, to be placed in the guardianship account of
{claimant}, to compensate him/her for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the negligence of {respondent}.
Upon the death of {claimant}, any balance of the ${amount} remaining in the guardianship account shall revert to
the {payor}. It is the intent of the Legislature that no funds exceeding {$ amount} appropriated herein subsequently
be spent, or any obligation thereof incurred by the guardian, without prior order of the circuit court.”
Gosh ….I wonder how that will work out?  Tune in tonight as we talk about the ambiguity of this bill.  Who actually benefits from this?