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Join us this evening as Carolyn Douglas, author of The Dark Side..A Treatise on Law and Judging  discusses the unconstitutional existence of the BAR Associations across the country.  Carolyn will also be discussing two bills, one in California and the other in Arizona that are focused on making BAR membership voluntary.  The blowback by the BARs in both states is massive!

Can we even imagine how differently lawyers and attorney’s would act in court if they were not bound to this “good ol’ boy” club, many of them using the BAR as protection for failing to represent their client or for colluding with the opposition?

The legal profession in all its incarnations is viewed with disgust by a majority of the public..but as long as they can get away with running their own protection rackets, what can you do about it?

Please tune in for what has become a hot topic across the board!