Chuck Frank

“A judge in Massachusetts on April 6, 2018 ruled against a lawsuit that questioned the state’s ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, declaring that the weapons were not protected by the
Second Amendment.”

So with this ruling what next, disarmament?

And now I will propose the question:

How are the common people who are already under a web of massive surveillance and an Orwellian state supposed to protect themselves, all the while at the same time, the Real ID/Chip card is already being issued by many of the states?”

In addition, what about the our rights to protect ourselves from foreign invaders who are soldiers from another country? Are we the people going to use pitch forks to defend ourselves. It is likely that any tyrannical government which has more fire power than the people will use their “nuclear” option to eliminate freedom at any stage of the game. And in the case of the U.S., the very foundation of America is already at stake. Yet the mainstream media will not tell you this because they are an accomplice in an agenda that is meant to chip away at the rights of the people. Surely, this sinister and shadow agenda is meant to offer the people more “protection” right?

Now, if you fell for that I would hope that one day soon your eyes will be opened to the truth. And the truth is this. One’s “safety”, security, overpopulation, pollution, a dying planet, chaos, climate change and homicides are already being used by governments and the mainstream media as a plan to enslave the masses. But besides America, which country best fits this description? It is the worker bees of China who have their bed in the back and are part of the Communist “collective” which are one of the most oppressed peoples of all time. Let’s not forget that the country is called “The Peoples Republic of China.” It has a nice ring to it but how many of the billions of these people know the truth?

In any case, getting back to the birth of America, the Founders in their wisdom were looking back at the oppressive history of England which was a stark reminder of where not to go. Thus, when the 2nd amendment and the Bill of Rights was drawn up, the new American government and the common people were both assured of having the same amount of firepower as government. The concept was basically an insurance policy for freedom, safety, security and good government.

Thus, if the people are out gunned today by their own government, which has bigger guns and many other means of controlling the masses, then the citizenry would be at an extreme disadvantage and become fully subservient to a rogue tyrannical government that knows no bounds.

Consequently, the original intentions of the framers was to place both the people and the government on an equal footing which also included the people’s militia. Apart from anarchy, this system, is the only assurance towards having a free country and as I have mentioned before in my writings, the people must historically remind themselves of how big government in any form, whether it is done through excessive armaments or runaway legalism, absolutely creates a draconian state of bondage and eliminates freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.