by James Hufferd, Coordinator                                                                                  911 Truth Grassroots Organization


     The White House Easter message, delivered via video by President Trump, is “Christ is risen”. Therefore, peace on earth! And he yet again pre-punctuated that pronouncement just days before with the bit of news he let slip that “We’re getting out of Syria very soon, coming back home to where we want to be, where we belong.”

Now, why would he say a thing like that when all indications are that the U.S. is staying in parts of Syria, especially where we’ve been building big forts to steel the oil and tweak Assad, at absolutely no authority’s invitation, indefinitely? Or, why would he say over and over that “we” have ISIS nearly defeated, when it’s been proven to anyone caring and willing to check it out that “ISIS”, in fact a coterie of U.S. mercenary allies or asset terrorist groups posing as a caliphate, has instead been routed by the Syrian Army and Russian air power – making the U.S. side apoplectic enough to have had it and ramp up bating the suddenly spectacularly resurgent bear? If he didn’t see it on Fox News (and assuredly he didn’t), has no one told him?

Likewise, in all the proven U.S. domestic false-flags – Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando, etc., etc., going back to Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, and likely the great Northeast hurricane (just plain Sandy) and long before – did the president at the time sit in his office and plan all of those? No! Resoundingly, no! (Although the agency programs permitting and authorizing them may well have been – and probably were – administration policy in the day).

Then, how do we know that President Trump is ramping up and causing the continuance of all these wars, and provoking still more and bigger and costlier ones, with the likes of Russia, China, Iran? And with any combination thereof? Answer: we don’t. My guess: he’s not. My guess is that the proverbial Deep State, which has maintained an increasingly-tight grip on wars and defining U.S. military deployment since long before 9/11, has treated this non-complying new and different president who pledged to put an end to all the “stupid, regime-change wars” exactly like the Nazis treated the stout French Maginot Line of defenses designed to keep them from overrunning France at the beginning of WW II – just ignore and drive around them (him).

My guess is that the Pentagon, exactly like the CIA and FBI and all the lettered insecurity agencies, have effectively set the Constitution aside throughout most of our lifetimes and acted on their own volition, spurred on by the Council on Foreign Relations, The Atlantic Council (and, of late, the dealt-with UN “Security” Council, too), all acolytes of the shadow government of the US., Israel, and practically everybody, which is Rothschild and associates, whose means of control we wetware peons have to overthrow to get our world back.

In Brazil, when I was living there as an academician in the late ‘80s, when they were just emerging from 20 years+ of military dictatorship, a new accord had to be worked out, and spelled out in a new constitution. The formula the Constituinte (constitutional convention) forged gave the country’s military the gist of what they demanded, which was administrative control over a broad fringe (I believe it was something like 100 km. wide) of border zone wrapping all the way around, fronting a total of ten other countries, leaving the remainder of Brazil for the politicians to leverage “democratic” control of. I think there is a hidden accommodation as to who is the boss of what something like that here.

I tend to think the military and “security” agencies of this country and their unelected controllers have made a secret accommodation with the civil government mandated by the Constitution (but have not announced it, as the Brazilians did), by which “you can handle Head Start, Veterans’ Affairs, and the Easter Egg Hunt, and we’ll do the wars and mind control and spy stuff”.

And the rest, on television, is just window-dressing, or acting, maintained to prevent revolt of the assets and eaters here at home. So, it isn’t all pretend, just our part of it.

Oh! Who are the “nincompoops”? Why, the always-controlling neocon warmongers, who would throw the country into a buzz-saw as a point of honor (if they can’t get the rest of the world to back down/bow down).