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Lawrence Lucas, Lesa Donnelley and Ron Cotton join us this evening to discuss the recent resignation of the head the Forestry Department within the USDA.  The  USDA is a perfect example of why self-policing and self-regulation always results in failure.  To date, USDA officials have neglected to meet with, or even respond to those who are questioning their lack of accountability, and the ongoing harassment and retaliation against those who report misconduct by co-workers.

Tony Tooke, chief of the U.S. Forest Service, stepped down from his post on March 7, 2018  after reports surfaced of his own misconduct regarding sexual harassment and retaliation at the agency that revealed the Agriculture Department was investigating allegations against Tooke himself. His sudden resignation before any investigation could be completed, allows him to retain any and all benefits he might have as a result of his government career.

Lawrence Lucas, Founding member and President Emeritus, of the USDA Coalition of Minority employees since May 1994.
The USDA Coalition of Minority Employees and the Black farmers, representing 13 southern states. Lawrence is a regular guest on TS Radio and will be our guest the last Thursday of every month to update us on the issues with USDA.

Lesa Donnelly lives in Anderson, California. She is a California native.
She worked for USDA, Forest Service, in California (Region 5) in administrative and collateral fire positions from 1978 to 2002, retiring in 2002 under a settlement agreement.
Lesa currently works as a paralegal, representing Federal employees in civil rights matters ad federal employment matters. She and her brother, Robert Donnelly have represented employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Merit Systems Protection Board for twenty years. In 2002 they founded Donnelly and Donnelly Alternative Dispute Resolutions and have represented federal employees at the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Interior, the Postal Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Veterans Administration.

Ron Cotton is President of the USDA Coalition of Minority Employees which is a USDA sanctioned, independent employee resource organization that works to ensure respect, dignity, and equal opportunities for employees and farmers.