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Pam Murray is going to share with us how her mother-in-law was murdered by hospice. Her family was lied to by several involved in the unnecessary admission to Hospice. When this finally ended, she found that her mother-in-law was on 19 medications which included the lethal drug cocktail that hospice uses.  Morphine,  Ativan, and Seroquel were used in combination in this particular case, along with so many other drugs.

Please remember that YOU have a right to refuse Hospice and to revoke it.


Also, keep in mind that HIPPA (patient privacy) does not exist to protect the privacy of the patient, but rather, to protect medical providers and others from exposure for misdiagnosis, medical neglect, unnecessary drug applications, and other wrong doing which may be evidenced in the medical records.

Please tune in to tonight’s show as we continue to try to save lives here on Hospice Survivors and Victims Radio!