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Join host Tanya Hathaway, this Sunday evening, March 25th along with Mike Volpe, investigative journalist- in the first part of the show who will share recordings of just a snippet more of Judge Miller’s abuse. This robe must be tossed off his mighty high-horse pedestal!


Victim-survivor of domestic violence.  Ashley shares her story and what she is up against; being re-victimized by Special Judge J. Anthony Miller- of Tulsa District Court and a problematic system. Ashley endured seven years of abuse by her ex,  concussions, contusions and more. Miller sees fit to subject this mother and her children to continued abuse. Ashley is faced with the possibility of being in Miller’s courtroom again very soon. She is desperately trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hasn’t she already been through enough?

The judicial oversight committee has failed us. We must stand together and up to those that deny us our basic civil and human rights.  Special Judges are appointed by the presiding judge-not elected. But the presiding judge is elected. So yes, we have an even deeper problem.


Injustice in Oklahoma EXPOSED continues to receive information of abuse about Miller and the Tulsa District Court- quickly earning its place as a house-hold name for corruption! This is how we will remove bad judges… One –by-one. If you feel your rights were obstructed and you were abused – email me at Please provide me your phone number because we may take several calls from other victims during the show. With your phone number, we will be able to identify who you are when you call.