Chuck Frank


NSA Operations Center

A national voter referendum has taken place in the Netherlands this week with regard to a vote in the Netherlands that has narrowly rejected online data collection powers for intelligence agencies.  With about 90% of the votes counted, 48.8% have rejected the spying powers, while 47.3% voted in favor.

Why is this so important? For some, it will be business as usual. For others it is a victory over the invasion of privacy and freedom. The Dutch process differs tremendously from the U.S. to where it would take an “act of Congress” to put the brakes on phone taps or e-mail gatherings.

With as much corruption going on within the halls of Congress and other agencies who’s swamp still needs to be drained, isn’t it about time that “we the people” had the same National Referendum opportunity as the Dutch in order that privacy is upheld per the people’s constitutional rights, while at the same time, requests for wire surveillance may only be used when a warrant from a judge is issued on “probable cause.”

Since government and eaves dropping agencies cannot totally be trusted when it comes to a police state, should not the American people, as with the Dutch, have a choice in the matter? And if not, we the people will surely be stuck with an Orwellian police state which has already exceeded 1984 expectations and taken us to never, never land.

The present boundless grasp of the U.S. government is so off the charts that a normal person from another country who had no knowledge of how our country worked would be totally astounded! What many of the American people do not understand is that law enforcement’s present surveillance model overwhelms the freedom, security, privacy and the safety of the people.

Absolute Power Corrupts.”

Therefore, if the people don’t start voting on major Nationwide issues in America such as those that are connected to unalienable rights and privacy, the American people will continue to suffer at the hands of the Orwellian state which is already here and rapidly taking the people to never, never land. This is not like a frog being slowly boiled in water for it is happening right before our eyes.

For the record the people’s due process, privacy, freedom, and unalienable rights have all been compromised beyond measure.

Generally speaking, the best part of the Bill of Rights which was drawn up to “protect the people” from their own government, is in the process of being shredded, thereby routinely violating the   and other core constitutional protections. Taking this further, with regard to a National  referendum, as long as the Bill of Rights is respected and adhered to, there should not be a problem with referendums that support a people that are concerned with their lost rights and loss of freedoms.

In addition, the Netherlands referendum is a sharp arrow that found its mark, that being the EU leadership and its overlord parent, Brussels, Belgium which naturally supports a rogue system of surveillance.


Thus, to follow in the footsteps of the Dutch, should not we the people of the U.S. call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to support referendums that are now fully necessary to maintain those unalienable rights and freedoms of a country that lies in the balance?

Mark my words, if not, the glorious blood bought freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights will be lost to successive generations through further governmental corruption and abuse which already borders on a path of tyranny and the final formation of an Oligarchy.

The U.S. Senate on 1/18/2018 passed a bill to renew the National Security Agency’s warrantless internet surveillance program for six year with minimal changes, overcoming objections from civil
liberties advocates.