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Hosted by Debbie DahmerFormer Radio Host on Marti Oakley TS Radio “Voices Carry for Animals” on Blog Talk Radio & Former Co-Host with Marti Oakely on TS Radio..

There are 163 “Voices Carry for Animals” Archived shows on Blog Talk Radio. Listen & Share 24/7. On the left side of the Promo Screen there are social media sites to share the shows too. Just CLICK and SHARE!  All 163 Live Broadcasts have been a Total Success!! 

***Special Thanks to Marti Oakley, All Former Guests, Callers, Audience and to all the Supporters whom helped Promote the shows… Voices Do CARRY when we all come together as one and get our voices heard***

***Coming Back LIVE On Air “Voices Carry for Animals” ***

STARTING Thursday 03/22/18


(310) 982-4270 📻📻 Press 1 to speak to guest  (You can also listen to Live Radio Show from same number)

To listen to the Live Interview Show every Thursday the number will be the same. Plz store in your contacts under “Animal Advocates Radio” or “Voices Carry for Animals”.. All shows are recorded live and archived on Blog Talk Radio. Listen in Worldwide with Unlimited Listeners… Debbie Dahmer will be Producing and Hosting “Voices Carry for Animals” every Thurs. There is a Chat Room on Blog Talk Radio if you would like to join in.  Sign in on Blog Talk Radio on upper right hand corner (you can sign in from Facebook or Twitter) Stroll down past the comments and a Chat Room will appear..

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 If you would like to be a guest on Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry for Animals” Please email Debbie Dahmer at  Give a small bio of yourself, any websites, Facebook pages or groups, videos, photos, etc. Standing Up and Speaking Out for the animals in need. All Lives Matter Including All the Animals… Animal Rights should be GRANTED not DENIED! Thank you!~