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This evening Tanya will be discussing the recent events in her own case which can be viewed here:

By  Michael Volpe and Tanya Hathaway
“A lawyer forcefully negotiated with a pro se litigant while she was having a panic attack.

That shocking interaction was caught on tape during a 2015 divorce hearing in Tulsa County, Oklahoma between John Doe and Tanya Hathaway.

“Doe’s attorney, presented a settlement offer to Hathaway, who was representing herself, while Hathaway was in the middle of a panic attack.”

Later in the same hearing, the Special Judge, J. Anthony Miller, proceeded with the hearing, even after being told by Hathaway that she’d taken a prescription drug to  help halt the attack which made her unable to contribute to her defense.

The disturbing set of events is part of a near four-year divorce process for a six-month marriage.”

The above information is taken from the Court Docket of case #FD-2014-1476 in the Tulsa County Oklahoma District Court.

The internet trolls are out and about on this story!