by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator 911 Truth Grassroots Organization



  “We, the people, presumably like our president, want peace; they constantly opt for war, for more war, for international bullying and global provocation, needless deaths (“collateral damage” totaling 60 million-plus fine, inoffensive unfortunate people offed overseas since the end of World War II) and requisite terror delivery…)”


The old adage “Blood is thicker than water” may be true, but if it encapsulates a true insight – and, personally, I wouldn’t bet against it – it flies directly in the face of unfettered discernment and reason. Ask yourself this: if a relative of yours gets into a significant dispute with a non-relative, but you know in your head he or she is for certain of more than likely objectively in the wrong and the generic other disputant in the right, whose side will you be more likely to champion? Let’s say a nephew of yours gets in a cage-match-level dust-up with his about-to-be ex-wife, who is furiously indignant and vindictive in the divorce proceedings because she claims he cheated on her. Will you: a) try to console your nephew by saying, “That bee-itch! She knows no such thing! Tell her to take a flying leap!”, or b) confront him with a question, “Well, did you cheat on her?” The old adage predicts you would most likely select Option a) and secure your place at the Thanksgiving table.

In the last week, erstwhile Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his lovely daughter were apparently poisoned while sitting on a park bench in London, and western top leaders and media immediately, as one, denounced and reacted indignantly, in high dudgeon, against Putin and Russia without a smidgeon of evidence as having absolutely done it and, in clear violation of international law, the British banned Russia from participating in the still-to-come criminal investigation; while Russia categorically denied having anything to do with the incident, pointing out that they had imprisoned and released the rascal and could at any time have killed him if they had wanted to – without attracting international infamy. A possible set-up, open inquest definitely needed, or the dirty Russians did it? It’s your call.

Official and sanctioned rhetoric in the UK in particular has turned ever more bitter against Russia of late, grasping at any pretext (not wisely) to tweak the giant thermonuclear power. The citizenry there and in the United States has been bombarded nonstop with anti-Russian propaganda, charges, barbed denunciations on every front, and insults for many months, with President Trump roundly lambasted regularly for not lambasting Russia sufficiently. Meanwhile the U.S. public at large yawns in apathy, and the American establishment, for the most part virulently anti-Trump, continues hourly to yap at Russia for daring to mess up U.S. plans to take out Assad the president of Syria and destroy his largely supportive country to please Netanyahu of Israel, for re-annexing a sliver of traditional Russia (Crimea) that had long dreamed of being re-annexed, for shooting down a Malaysian airliner (though evidence points elsewhere), and for fanning from across the border resistance by ethnic Russians being systematically bullied and bloodied by usurpers in eastern Ukraine.

But the truth is that it probably doesn’t matter a wit in this latest instance what the American or British public might think before or even after being programmed and in effect deactivated by a flurry of media-borne propaganda. Because the “national security” and war-making parts of both governments are effectively sovereign unto themselves and do precisely what they want, on exorbitant funding, without serious encumbrance or legal repercussion, and don’t much care what anyone thinks. And in this regard, the Congress and even the president have little more power of effective restraint than the public.

Because these essentially top-secret entities, the NSA, CIA, Pentagon, Naval Intel, etc. and their NGO (Non-Government Organization complements and in many ways controllers, key entrenched bureaucrats and cronies in Congress, the various Councils, the great investing financial institutions, the “defense” industries’ top execs, and perhaps other globalists richer than Croesus but without portfolio – what many call the Deep State – in fact tend to comprise an inward-looking “breakaway civilization” of prime movers (Joseph P. Farrell, 2012), with values, interests, means and, accordingly, private personas and preoccupations totally alien, often repulsive, to the vast bulk of the citizenry of the countries. (Meanwhile, Trump, the elected head, has certain levers he can pull, but probably not the actual war vs peace ones. He already told us in the campaign he didn’t want more regime-change wars and longed to establish accord with Russia, terrorizing the above-named entities.)collateral damage,

We, the people, presumably like our president, want peace; they constantly opt for war, for more war, for international bullying and global provocation, needless deaths (“collateral damage” totaling 60 million-plus fine, inoffensive unfortunate people offed overseas since the end of World War II) and requisite terror delivery – all needless, that is, except for the investing elite’s enormous business profit from our taxes. (So, one could accurately say, World War III has already been going on, without justifying purpose, for a long, long time now.)

Putin and today’s Russia? They want desperately to shut all that down, to bring our war/power/and lucre-insane oligarchs to their senses. (I almost wrote “back to their senses”, but I don’t think they ever had any, except regarding war profiteering and power for even greater war profiteering.)

But now, Russia, working with the incentive of avoiding the sorry fate of being the next shredded victim of these berserkers, appears to have produced such sophisticated advanced weaponry as the west’s vast sophisticated advanced armaments can’t even touch, and that can out-fly and out-gun them and destroy them (and all of us) at will in a nanosecond, giving them unquestioned superiority in any serious confrontation. Handing the west a simple option for a change – to bow out, go home, and shut up.

From what I can discern, the U.S./UK-led west is on the verge of a nuclear crack-up at this moment, trying to somehow come to grips with this sobering unexpected news, in mega-danger to all of lashing out far more than verbally with first-strike nukes before the paint on the Ruskies’ super-weapons is completely dry. Hence the beyond-extreme danger. Hence the great blast of unprecedented hissy-fits that engulfs us. It may be peace or eternity. And our age of pre- and post-9/11 induced illusion and angst may be about to end. Don’t hold your breath.

JH: 3/15 (“beware the Ides of March”/18

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