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We are not attorney’s and what is reported here is NOT legal advice but merely a recapping of actual events that resulted in Lotus having to learn to defend herself in the smoke & mirrors judicial system. These events led to a 1 1/2 yr prison sentence.

Lotus Justice joins us this evening to discuss how the “Just-US” system really works and how after 1 1/2 years in prison as a result of being arrested for OUT OF COURT CONTEMPT, while standing IN their Court”

1. jurisdiction basics – the types and how they get it by our unknowing but willful acts of consent, assent and tacit procuration.
2. how one “walks the law” as I say with ones standing, status and character – pro se v pro per
3. how to protect oneself from such obfuscations of the 4th Crown of American Common Law and the coup d’etat of the lawless Esquires of/for the BAR Unions.

My first arrest proper was when I assisted this young man to demurrer to the jurisdiction of being channeled into what is called ‘disability court’ where he averred and asserted his attorney never once challenged the false claims against him and he was always found guilty, spending many days in jail a year for false convictions for misdemeanor offenses, such as JAYWALKING or walking his bicycle on a sidewalk. In this case I was arrested for OUT OF COURT CONTEMPT, while I was standing IN their “court” as they knew per the proclamation of “demurrer” they had not jurisdiction over me within their “court”.

After viewing all the corruptions surrounding such abuses against our most vulnerable, I became very active in becoming “learned in the law” and challenging the clearly corrupt “court” systems which I have come to know and can prove with Facts, are merely criminal organizations effecting RICO in many if not most cases of our lawless nation. This culminated in my being targeted by the local political establishment and police when I did willfully and contemplatively chose to not license my car-riage, not renew my drivers LICENSES, and did un-register my voters registration. As a result of this targeting,

I was stopped one day merely for not having a license plate on my car-raige, an unarrestable misdemeanor, whereby I was pulled out my car-riage, felony assaulted by two police officers, and violently, arrested. When I did show up on “court” to demurrer and challenge their jurisdiction not two days later, I was assaulted IN the “court” by two attorneys not even associated with the proceeding when I did resist the false arrest being effected by a police man assigned to the “court” without proper warrant…in that cause of action I was arrested in “court” for failure to appear in “court”.