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Brent Elisens, Part II; Undercover FBI turned Whistleblower

We dig deeper. Mainstream media presentation trying to tidy up things– up-correcting the implied and the “record”. We move forward and talk candidly about mental illness… FBI usury in question; and how many victims did the FBI really profile in this matter?

Let’s talk ENTRAPMENT-

We’ll discuss Brent’s current relationship with Jerry Drake Varnell and his family and how he really feels about Jerry.

Get to know the real Brent Elisens

Jerry Drake Varnell is who Brent was asked to go undercover for over Brent’s awareness of Jerry’s alleged stated desires and failed attempt to follow up with a plan to blow up a state/federal building in Oklahoma.


What did Brent have to gain by telling his federal attorney about Jerry’s potential plans?

What did Brent have to gain by whistleblowing on the FBI?

If Brent could turn back time or knew what their (FBI) plan was…

This controversial matter and pending federal trial will determine the fate of Jerry Drake Varnell’s future. What will it determine for Brent?

What now and more…