Author, Chuck Frank

You were at home with your family and you had just sat down to have a nice breakfast which included eggs and bacon and a blueberry muffin when there was a knock at the door. You looked out of your window and saw an unmarked car and two people, one of which was wearing camo and you thenwent to the door. It was code enforcement. An undisclosed neighbor had filed an anonymous “complaint” to the county with regard to a vacation rental that had been built which was no larger than an out building and was located above a creek on 37 acres in a small town in Northern California. Code enforcement, a rogue unconstitutional policing unit, introduced themselves as being part of the KGB, excuse my play on words, as I meant to say the Community Development Agency, CDA, which also worked in conjunction with the Building Department, Planning, the Sheriff, his Deputies and a court that favored city and county government, but it became obvious that constitutional and unalienable rights which had been written in stone ever since the early 1800’s, were not included.

The Bill of Rights:
The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported
by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be
searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Code Enforcement was now on a mission with “seizure fever” while the lead person demanded, with no warrant, that they take a look at the building which was located 1,100 ft. down a gentle slope and rested on a foundation and a flat piece of ground. Yet, this was now the beginning of a long fought battle between one family and a bureaucracy that had not one ounce of mercy but only an agenda that can best be traced to a bunch of two bit players benefiting from the glorified welfare state, while most of them were making an extra $100.00 or more per hour dealing with building department and
planning directives.   Yet, at the same time, city and county codes and ordinances were supported with threats and fines for those who were perhaps out of compliance, and thus, the backdrop of the old and brutal Draconian laws of ancient Greece were now in place and running amok, while ruining countless persons dreams and their livelihoods, but not only in the example below, but in many other cases within the same county, where there is an endless train of code enforcers swarming the land while satellite surveillance is in place to help them focus on their next victim.

Vacation Cabin Rental

The vacation rental had been a dream come true. The logs were sent down a cable run, one by one and were staged until the log home builder arrived. When finished, it had magnificent views of waterfalls and deep clear pools with year round flows that meandered through the pines and the seasonal wildflowers of spring. One couple who were investigative journalists stayed for a month and used the quiet setting as a place to finish writing the true story of the atrocities which had happened in a war torn country which they witnessed in Africa. The script would later be used in a movie that would document an event that needed to be told.

Then there was another couple, one which was a songwriter from Ireland who stayed at the vacation rental. He was so enthralled withthe visit he wrote the most beautiful song which was an instrumental played on guitar and he called it “The Cabin.” However, there is a time for everything under the sun, and 7 years later the time had come for the required demolition of the cabin imposed by the county, for the code violations of “environmental “impact” attached to “flora and fauna” and other fabricated concerns which were all part of the “General Plan” was a legal maze of requirements and so called land use “mandates” which would call for the demolition of a perfectly good building which all of the vacationers and the family who built it loved.

Mandated county demolition 

The trail of asset forfeiture takes on various maladies including “policing for profit”, warrants, arrests, money taken before a conviction, takings, demolition of property, fines, jail, liens on property and finally property that is confiscated and then sold by government. All of the above has the makings in a full blown unconstitutional sinister scheme meant to fill the coffers of all those entities involved who are connected to this Draconian machine which is likened to numerous parasites which regularly feeds upon its host.

When it was all said and done, in this particular case, the owners of the property spent up to $25,000.00 with multiple hearings, attorneys, county costs and fees, appeals, and finally demolition costs. And in cases of this kind, which are numerous, there always is no trial and no jury. This is not freedom or justice.

Although there is still a movement and the elimination of asset forfeiture is presently happening in a few states such as Alabama, Nebraska and New Mexico, our very life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is already on the verge of collapse and is being lost through a runaway maze of centralized Marxist government.

“The U.S. Supreme Court, in a March,1996 decision, has given its stamp of approval for states that steal property from innocent people. Such a forfeiture doesn’t violate the the constitutional protections of due process, the high court said”…Chief Justice William Rehnquist.
Source; “License to Steal: Rights of the Innocent Are Forfeited.”
San Francisco Daily Journal,, March 18, 1996.

Aside from all of this, presently, the U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is of all things, rekindling the process of Civil Asset Forfeiture which again, targets innocent persons and allows authorities to seize cash and property from suspects, but in many cases these persons are never convicted or even charged, with a crime.

By definition, this is tyranny

The Washington Post shared the following with regard to this topic.
“While many people are unfamiliar with the practice, asset forfeiture
is widespread. In 2014, federal authorities alone seized over $5
billion from suspected criminals, more than the total losses to
burglary that year. That number doesn’t even count seizures conducted
by state and local law enforcement.”

My take, It’s business as

“A 2015 ACLU investigation found that Philadelphia police routinely
seized what amounted to “pocket change” from some of the city’s
poorest residents. A 2014 Washington Post investigation found that
police seized $2.5 billion in cash from motorists not charged with
crimes as part of a federal program.”

Although there are those who view the asset forfeiture system as necessary, these same people see the program as something that has produced an anti-police atmosphere which has been viewed by these same players as an unnecessary negative attitude towards law enforcement. Really? Yet, the problem was created by a corrupt government that allows injustice to live and reign in their favor and has truly become a plague within their own ranks.


Where is their shame and guilt?

“Confiscation based on mere suspicion is the essence of contemporary
asset forfeiture. In Adair County, Missouri, local police seized
Sheri and Matthew Farrell’s 60-acre farm based on an unsubstantiated
tip from a paid drug informant who claimed that Farrell had a vast
field of marijuana and used tractors outfitted with special lights to
harvest it at night. Police made no effort to investigate the
allegations before seizing Farrell’s farm.
Despite the collapse of the prosecution’s case, the police refused to
return Farrell’s farm. They had a change of heart after the Pittsburgh
Press exposed the case, although they required that the Farrells sign an
agreement promising not to sue before giving back the farm. The case
cost the Farrells over $5,600 in legal fees.”

Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights. James Bovard

Summing up this entire matter. a person can see that the entire nation is in servitude bondage of a different kind. As property owners “we the people” are likened to the serfs of Europe as we continue to pay homage to the various kings placed in governmental agencies that lord their power over the masses, regardless of the rights of the people which were endowed upon them from the founding of our free nation along with a Bill of Rights, which is meant to be honored and not infringed upon. It is disgraceful when the facts are revealed and exposes the centralization of government to where
their every endeavor strikes at a free people who are only wanting to be left alone, maintain their livelihood, and at the same time enjoy a safe haven called their home.

Let it be known that one day, in spite of all of the propaganda, lies, fake news, cover ups, power plays, money laundering, sinister schemes, and more, that when the children wake up and assess the hell, the theft, and the collateral damage to their family and friends, they will surely be pointing their finger at these horrid injustices that were done to a supposedly free country. And thereafter, when the books are opened, judgment will be upon those persons and powers that were responsible in bringing about a world of bondage and servitude who are plainly the enemies and Lords of the state.

Finally, It is my desire that your eyes have been opened to where you will now have the motivation to bring about a plan and a solution to one of the most serious problems that faces the people of America today.