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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway


There’s a wrong way to do the right thing” Brent Elisens

To some a hero; others tout him as just trying to get a reduced sentence; and to others still scratching their heads, and well- just need to know more than mainstream media’s version (just in-case), before they form an opinion on this whole twisted and okay, I am going to say it although it really is not a pun intended-explosive matter.

Thankfully, the operatives, including Brent- knew no explosives would detonate on that fateful day.

Former FBI under-cover finally gets the chance to set the record straight. Meet Brett Elisens.

Through preliminary talks and meeting Brent, (host, Tanya Hathaway), can say that Brent doesn’t mince words, and is willing to tell it all…even when “all” might not be so perfect-but as Brent says “Omission is commission”- so let’s hear him out.

You really won’t want to miss this live, so please, mark your calendars and listen in and listen up! “Where your voice is heard and your story is told” on TNT Tanya Talks, with host, Tanya Hathaway, who will have a one-on- one candid conversation with Brent- and you decide for yourself what is real and what is bureaucracy at it’s ________ (you fill in the blank).

After Brent got wind of just how these FBI reps “operated”; he realized he needed to be recording more than just Varnell. There are three very short clips (@ 30 seconds each) to give you a taste of how some of the FBI navigate and seem to think……….. Let’s face it-voices really do carry. These are available in extended versions on 

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