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Whistleblowers! is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit July 30-31 Washington D.C.


Join me this evening as we begin our series on judicial corruption with author Caroline Douglas J.D.. Ms. Douglas is a former attorney who wrote an extensive manuscript titled “The Dark Side a law treatise on judging”Available here! Ms. Douglas has gone to great lengths to expose the behind the scenes activites that control our so-called courts of law.  As she explains, one of the most frightening aspects of our judicial system is that the judges seem to know very little about the law, or, have little to no regard for it.

With so many people now suffering from what is alternately termed legal abuse syndrome, or, judicial abuse syndrome, its time we took a hard look at the closed union shops operated by the BAR Associations that have monopolized our courtrooms, bastardized the law and made a mockery of so-called justice.

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