by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


    ” Until then, or until they’re busted, expect every story corporately reported to be at best contorted and full of toxic gas. (Blame it on Zionists if you wish; the Nuremberg Final Compact says they can’t shirk blame onto a higher subspecies.)”


I’ve got to say it: I’m mad as hell. (No, I’m not admitting I’m insane – Angry!) Think about how much very many among the non-official and official powers-that-be despise people/underlings in general – supposing, I more than suppose, that they themselves are some somehow worthier elite subspecies well above the rest of us who are without recourse. And, really, in numerous cases, they are who and where they are because they are advantaged precisely by being unburdened by that morality/empathy gene we call “integrity” or “empathy”, which they might see as a handicap and probably mythical anyway, faked by natural-born squishes to hide their pathetic inability to figure it out or resist.

To assess the effect of such self-exalted subspecies members’ actions on us peasants’ lives, aided by many aspects of highly-potentiated technology, separately and across society, imagine a lowly, wretched scammer, his/her tool kit a telephone and a jaded conscience, bilking an elderly widow out of her husband’s lifetime pension. Now, multiply that wicked act or knack by millions, scorching everybody; if in a paid-off government regulations committee or agency, a mega-bank, insurance, or pharmaceutical board or top or division office, ratchet up a hundred times. It’s not the power, but disdain and greed in many instances.

And it likely delights in reaching overseas, finagling like-minded others, in suits, pants-suits, and Arab robes, into sending, with a couple of clicks or wave of a hand, to consign grunts and flyboys, regimented angels, in to spread death, trigger desperate migrations across continents. Power! For what? All to the titans?

What they do in America is compulsively lie, manipulate nearly everyone – and, in toto, everyone – to keep the game going, the billions into trillions gushing in from us, who need it and who yearn otherwise.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, the poet/singer/prophet intoned in the ‘70s. And it’s true, despite our loudest efforts, the few of us who saw could not even create a controversy about who did 9/11. We studied and reasoned, fumed, they ignored. And, more feebly, less spiritedly re many flare-up events since. As much as close to half the population probably still isn’t aware there was ever a question about that. There wasn’t on TV, except some lone troublemaker yelling on the fringe, escorted out and a commenter’s smirk.

Yet one or a few of the upper subspecies were quite able to arrest (stop) the federal government for a year by flaunting a Russia threat they knew was nonexistent. Legislators who refused to participate in legislating, proved they could yack away, frantically waving an accusatory finger, pointing three back at them, for a year, as easy as pie to make a show the public panned, that relied on nursery-school choreography and barbed, lame accusations when the faces at the top don’t perfectly fit all their globalists masters’ plans. And those same, or someone, could magically pull out false-flags like refs’ handkerchiefs doused in anthrax to move the crowd.

I tried an experiment today (now yesterday). I jumped into an online blog, with 100% of the 74 or so prior commenters in accord and posed a challenge. Will someone please cite, I wrote, one shred of evidence that anyone actually died at the school in Florida, or that Nikolas Cruz, calmly arrested 3 miles away, was even in that school on February 14. All I got was 100% scorn, lots and lots of unanimous thumbs down. No suggestion of evidence, no comments. To me, the verdict was clear. How dare I suggest…? They knew the story, and all shouted, literally, “death penalty”.

I put that challenge to you, too. And hereby declare the empty gurney labeled “Nikolas Cruz being wheeled into the hospital” (honest, in a near-viral video, look it up) to be the symbol of the whole event.

The Syrian War: “U.S. has virtually destroyed ISIS,” reads the narrative. “Assad gassed his own people.” And tonight’s (read last night’s) 60 Minutes reminded us of the latter. But, really? Independent on-site investigators all tell us it was the Russian Air Force backing the Syrian Army that defeated U.S. air power and blew away most of the U.S. alliance’s ground troops, ISIS, to the point that the U.S. evacuated most of the remnants of ISIS for redeployment against “the enemy” in Afghanistan, where they’d never before been. So, if the American public knew that…? Who knows? The celebrated “White Helmets” said Assad, last April, carried out the gassing of his own people, he had to go.

The American and Canadian independent uniquely on-site photo journalists discovered definitively as well that the “White Helmets” were ISIS, and that the sarin gas use had been arranged as a false flag, probably using a supply sent as a gift to the “rebels” (ISIS, etc.) by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after the destruction of Libya was complete. Oh, how they lie!

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, there’s a cold/hot civil war raging in this country, with the entire establishment outraged, scandalized, that their usual coronation and continued reign was upset by a rank upstart worse than Atilla the Hun. Still, both sides agree, most tragically, on perpetual continuance of The War to Satiate the Rich, Wherever, On Whatever Pretext, All the Time. (Though I think Trump endeavors to support the whole war effort at unheard-of levels of funding mainly because he needs the military brass to continue to defend him – which would be slightly more tolerable if it weren’t the most impactful thing he’s doing.)

But, the disrespecting charade about the overseas multiple wars being to protect us from ISIS and the like continues full-force in part because Trump, who could at least cast fatal doubt, allows it to; and the whole ruse still desperately needs to be taken on and taken down. As someone once said, “Enough is enough”.

Then, what is the common denominator uniting these three horridly ugly sorts of Big Lie-caliber ruses perpetrated ceaselessly by the U.S. government and its controlled regular media, used to goad, denigrate, and enslave our by-now near-lifeless nation that keeps getting shoved through the wringer along with the prostrate, bled-out victims of its merciless ruling blood-hounds in Where-Is-It-Now, Overseas?

Again, they’re parts of the relentless push toward the age-old ruling western psychopathetic subspecies to fully-control and scavenge the carcass of the home planet until they can leave it derelict to colonize the stars.

Until then, or until they’re busted, expect every story corporately reported to be at best contorted and full of toxic gas. (Blame it on Zionists if you wish; the Nuremberg Final Compact says they can’t shirk blame onto a higher subspecies.)

JH: 2/26/18