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Injustice in Oklahoma EXPOSED

You won’t want to miss this. It could happen to you.

This Sunday’s TanyaHathaway’s ” TNT Tanya Talks” podcast produced by MartiOakley’s TS Radio is going to expose the theft of a trust worth millions.

This is slated to be an explosive show naming perpetrators of the heist.

This is not a one-time heist. This happpens in Oklahoma on a regular basis.

It’s time to stand up for this brave soul who is facing jail time for a contrived indirect ontempt charge given what I believe her pursuit of justice.

Encourage others to listen who might think they have set things up just the way thry need it to be…it might not be the case.

Knowing your enemies and (some) of the imposters that call themselves lawyers and judges is key.

Know that who we expose this Sunday are not the only ones in Oklahoma that participate in these get richer quicker schemes