Chuck Frank


“As an incentive,  Sheriff’s are paid money from the Federal Government every time there is a SWAT Team raid.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whenever there is a mass shooting at an event or a school, instead of challenging gun rights, should not the people’s cry be, “where was the security guard?”  If schools are a target of terrorism, then have a security guard at every large school in the U.S.  That is a way better solution than taking guns or having gun control.  Gun control in America doesn’t make a lot of sense when a person sees that the country has already drifted towards tyranny where there is a SWAT team-military mentality,  presently stemming from law enforcement.  For the record, SWAT Teams, now have at their disposal
two models of sub-machine guns that are frequently used which are the 9mm HK MP5,  10mm MP510. or,  the .40 / .45 HK UMP or,  a 5.7mm FN P90.

This is America, land of the free and home of the brave, right?

As an incentive, Sheriff’s are paid money from the Federal Government every time a SWAT Teams are used in a raid.  There’s still more on this subject.  Let’s not forget Waco where 80 people were burned to death by the government during the Clinton administration. None dare call it a massacre and yes, the Boston massacre done by the British was far, far less of an event but this small act added one more nail in the coffin of the 13 colonies and those people’s “unrest” which later became the America Revolution of 1776. In a “free” country such as America where there are gun happy law enforcement officers with fire power beyond measure, should not the people be alarmed?

Yes, I believe they are and here is why.

Added to the present government arsenal are mine protected vehicles ready to enter into properties, plus helicopters, drones, grenade launchers,
and more. This is our governments gift to the people in the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Let’s not forget the two Bundy standoffs either, and one unnecessary murder in Oregon.

As an incentive,  Sheriff’s are paid money from the Federal Government every time there is a SWAT Team raid. There’s still more on this subject which exposes the incredible dangers of a runaway, bloated and rogue military police force being used for domestic use in America.  Still on the same page, the 1967 Detroit “Blind Pig” raid set off 5 days of chaos while the National Guard used machine guns to quell the riots.  Now, in 2018, law enforcement“as part of their arsenal ” can use intense, heat ray guns in riot situations.  What next?  Shall we save the entire country with a dose of “future shock?” With the kind of fire power that is subjected to the masses,  Baltimore has become a giant tinderbox ready to explode at a minutes notice.

People must be able to trust their government and if not, then the people, in any country for that matter, must find a way to protect
themselves from runaway tyranny. America is no exception. For the people to submit to a President and Congress or a Governor and then
allow gun control or the banning of guns for the “good of the country” would surely be an act of suicide.

We must remember that the 2nd amendment was made for a very good reason and it was done so that the people could protect themselves from criminals, terrorists, foreign governments, and even their own government.  Turn your eyes upon the tyrants or old such as Hitler and his extermination camps, Mao Tse-tung of China who murdered 70 million people during the Communist/Marxist revolution.

And finally, take note of Russia;s, Stalin who forced genocide upon roughly 7 million, freedom loving people, who died from purposeful starvation in the Ukraine, which was the bread basket of Europe. Let’s not forget the seizure of all private property by the Russians along with the initiation of collective farms and built in quotas to provide Moscow and Mother Russia with ongoing supplies of food. All the while, the Russian military was turning the Ukraine into a giant and starving concentration camp.

Where were the apologies by Putin? None. His rogue attitude was to send Russian troops recently into the Ukraine once more and stir up unrest once again. Although, that was to be expected coming from the ex head of the KGB.

We have history to teach us what happens when corrupt elite groups use laws that favor government and then bind the people in a legal maze of agencies, and courts which rise to absolute power, that in the end, destroys basic unalienable rights and freedoms that are supposed to be guaranteed to the people.

America is the only nation in the world that has a Bill of Rights which was originally comprised of the first 10 amendments which was
meant to protect the people from their own government. Thus, America is still a Republic, but as Ben Franklin put it, “…as long as you can keep it.”
Now, is not the time to shrink back but to go forward with prayers, wisdom, and the courage of someone who can part the waters and turn the tide. We the people of America are experiencing a tidal wave linked to government bondage and fear, but we need to peacefully stand in the midst of the trial and rise up and prevail. We must cling to faith and courage.