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Join Marti Oakley, Luanne Fleming and Robin Austin as we host Alison “Sunny” Maynard.

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Tonight we will be talking about the corruption of the Judiciary, and what we might do to regain control of our legal system.

At issue is the “self-policing” that the BAR Associations along with the Judiciary use to protect themselves and what many times is outright criminal activity.  BAR oversight boards, Judicial oversight boards and other constructs are used to discredit and discard complaints of judicial abuses and sweep away the wrong doings of lawyers.  Self-policing is obviously a disservice to the public and has facilitated the rampant corruption in what is now laughingly referred to as our judicial/legal system.  The entire system is designed to act as a protection racket.

BUT~!  what if we assembled citizens committees to take in complaints and review them?  Then compare those reviews to the actions taken on the same complaints made to BAR oversight boards and judicial oversight boards?  Did you send in a formal complaint?  What was the response?  Let our citizens committees review the same complaint and see if we would come up with same results.  With a national average approaching nearly 99% of findings of no wrong-doing by judges or lawyers with the thousands of complaints lodged each year… honest do you believe these oversight boards are?

As a note: WE DO NOT need BAR union cards to access the law, nor to review complaints.  Even though the citizens committees would have no force of law at this time, they could provide a counter to the obvious protection rackets running by those gaming the system for self benefit.