by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator              911 Truth Grassroots Organization


 ” But, the vanguard of the conditioning monopoly of elite power over us appears to be crumbling now, with the establishment media falling rapidly out of favor with the public and with a spate of harmful elite policy stances – open-borders and hostile militarization being two huge facets, sold as advantageous to society – now being roundly questioned.”


     We activists who began as part of the 9/11 Truth Movement several years ago gradually learned that the object of our scorn and rage, the September 11 false-flag attacks, was just one uniquely prominent part of an out-of-sight, behind the scenes colossal, ongoing for longer than a century, shadowy directed enterprise of what’s now called the Deep State / Unelected Shadow Government / emerging New World Order to rigidly manipulate and change western and particularly American culture to serve their own interests and peculiar ambitions. That is, of what is perhaps the largest, most-sweeping and largest-cast conspiracy in world history, and likely the most damaging in a permanent sense.

9/11 itself was all about changing American and allied minds to accept the need for and participation in vast militarization and overseas imperial invasions, ultimately galore, simultaneous, and unending, the dual purpose to satisfy blood lusts and sweep the lion’s share of the earnings of wage-earners into the hands of corporate moguls and mega-investors.

Other forced culture changes, both earlier and after 9/11/01, have been, though perhaps gentler, more-or-les equally sudden and sweeping, disorienting in their cultural impact, ultimately good or bad. The “artists” with the right words and the right look at the right time saw their careers promoted. Hence, the lyrical and wistful style of music of the 1940s and ‘50s was quite suddenly swept away by the divisive and jarring sudden entrance of rock-‘n-roll. Which was steadily intensified to accompany and bring on the jarring drug culture and youth rebellion by the late ‘60s and’70s – met gladly or (mostly) not, along with the apparently spontaneous Civil Rights and Anti-Draft/Anti-War Movement, producing a powerful, coordinated backlash, that hasn’t yet entirely subsided. The main effect was to vaccinate the country and chastise deviance, after the disaster of Vietnam and a rash of dispiriting staged assassinations, against a cultural regimen seeming delivered from on high. By the end of the ‘80s, the stage was set for 9/11 and a forced scale-back in domestic concern. The Gulf War and attendant one-offs introduces a different type of domestically manufactured foe to fill our nightmares, the international terrorist.

Amid all that came the roiling change wrought by what amounted to seemingly inevitable “advances” in music packaging technology from phonographic large disc players to 8-track and cassette tape players, to CDs, a change, not demanded in particular by the market, mirrored by a similar progression in personal audio-visual equipment, in part severing live connections for millions to their own remembered past, erasing the screen and airwaves to be filled afresh by completely-new fare dictated by the controlling media, not necessarily as much to the consuming public’s liking, and leaving many irreparably in the dust, their equipment obsolete and the replacement practically useless. I still haven’t caught up and likely never will. Admittedly, I myself hardly know the difference between high-fi, y-fi, i-phones, Kindle, and cat’s whiskers.

As soon as radio and then TV entered the scene all but universally, social conditioning and indoctrination of current myths and historic narratives led to cookie-cutter mass facelessness and obedient to template thoughts and actions, from everybody watching the same programmed TV shows for years and years. Largely same tastes, same styles of food, clothing, and hair, with maybe three slight variations. Same political views, by and large, a little to the left, then a little to the right, then back, and back again, little actual thought, or interest in notions of snobs who did that. Public mass transportation, by land and air, came to resemble motorized movement of farm animals, just as the cities came to warehouse more.

The sexual revolution, hand in hand with the dying and rising music in a different form, and, perhaps, to no less extent, movies and TV programming, diverse and creative only to a certain degree and superficially, were products created in sync, to deftly and adequately pleasure, mollify, and guide. Sex was in, in, in, until aids. Until the excesses of crack, meth, and youth binge drinking, full-blown cocaine for the upper classes, and these days, opioids – which I will continue to say must be outed as a national crime, led from the top, along with the all-but-ignored probably massive sex slave industry disappearing children and adults, accorded a certain amount of impunity to protect some partakers, likely tied to rampant (and some say additional secret) refugee movement, sale of body-parts from that source and abortions, and Afghanistan-linked opioids. If there’s a buck or a point to be made… How else would the drug dealers and pharmaceutical-makers get hold of them to reconstitute and sell in such volume? All presumably introduced to induce confusion, kill and prune, divide and destroy and, word has it, replace, and render the human remainder utterly dependent and defenseless. False-flag shooters and bombers, unconvincingly linked to overseas sources, both excessive and insufficient force by police times militarization, enforcement of the same imperial will, both at home and abroad. If you can’t scare ‘em or buy ‘em, kill ‘em. We are all living either in or on the edge of Gangland. Thus, most lay low – and conform.

Mass transportation by land and air came eventually to resemble hauling of animals. Food: caveat emptor. Regulation has proven largely political. As soon as radio, movies, and then TV were availed universally, social conditioning and indoctrination of current and historic narratives like that of “American exceptionalism” quickened and led to cookie-cutter uniform thoughts and corresponding actions, phobias, taboos, worldviews, and preferences. Political views were rotated, a little to the left followed by a little to the right, etc. And Sammy Davis begat Bill Cosby begat Tiger Woods and Barrack Obama. M.L. King, Jr. was only toned down and accepted, close to venerated, once neutered, after the fact. All was cool on the new animal farm, producing enough brawn, enough fodder for the owners.

What passes for education: Quality varies vastly. Study habits, competitive grading and accordant discipline in most schools now banished, word is. Replaced by vapid, little-or-no-content play exercises, all the way to grad school. Showcased intolerance of thought diversity, depriving us of educated skills, appreciation, and knowledge. Future role of people in a metallic and plastic world of work now in the balance. Economic failure and debt rampant, 30- and 40-year-olds without skills, apt to live at home. Public won’t stand for putting them on the battlefield. That’s for terrorist mercenaries. But still, our corporate and endowed bettors are payed to kill – by us. It’s the economy, stupid! Why distrust of others and ourselves? TV and computer zombie-ism. All follow along now, we’ll tell you what you believe. We never let you down, did we? You adulate us, don’t you? Just follow, enjoy, we’ll tell you what to do…

Then, along came Trump. A really big shock. And even more to our owners than to us. Trump. Couldn’t happen. This brash interloper, a business manager who had prepped as a TV emcee and performed, simply ripped the microphone away from the establishment’s prospective voice and wasn’t giving it back.

He’d thought – and had said now and again for years – that a successful manager (himself, regardless of disposition) would be able once in office as president (a thing that seemed preposterous to most) to outclass most any politician as a manager. And so far, although the establishment-controlled media instructs us to revile him (and a good share of us still haven’t weaned ourselves from that plea, it appears that, domestically, that is in economic terms, at least, he may be right. It shouldn’t surprise us that a seasoned and savvy money manager should be better at managing money-making chattels, even on a national scale, than political message-managers and schmoozers, which is what we’d had in national leadership for a generation.

So, if Trump’s finally got the hang of the machinery (Congress and his appointees) down well enough now, the economy should continue to benefit and the public should respond. And the elite establishment, who want to take the tiller back – because they toil under the loathsome delusion that they own it – will continue to rage and howl and, hopefully, not do anything lethal to him that would bring the roof down on all our heads.

Foreign-policy-wise, the arrow still points to them still firmly holding onto the tiller, through their operatives and, possibly, through a bargain of some kind permitting it, because its violent, punishingly-bloody course continues to shift trillions to them over time from the chavs and plebs of the realm – labeled protection money – and there apparently is not much he could do about it if he wanted. It must be noted that the foreign policy of the United States has been effectively unchanged through the administrations of the last five presidents, and the tenor of that overall policy has been uncharitable and mean and in sync with Israeli self-righteous harshness and xenophobia throughout. In fact, that unjustifiable stance has also become the policy of the American multifaceted war council. Our only advantageous self-education and recourse against it would be our steadfast rejection and opposition to divert and grind it to a complete halt, which was our achievement in the 1970s when the beast was smaller.

     But, the vanguard of the conditioning monopoly of elite power over us appears to be crumbling now, with the establishment media falling rapidly out of favor with the public and with a spate of harmful elite policy stances – open-borders and hostile militarization being two huge facets, sold as advantageous to society – now being roundly questioned. American troops on the ground in the Middle East is not, at least for now an acceptable option and the tide is slowly turning on border protection vs easy access. The more popular eventual replacement policies are still being born, and we who choose to be activists can help build them and guide them once here. Spring is not in the air yet, but it’s coming!

JH: 1/28/18