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Hosted by Marti Oakley, with Luanne Fleming and Robin Austin

Lisa Belanger Atty, will be joining us also.

Our guest is David Arnold a Massachusetts  advocate and activist who was forced to endure the human trafficking of his companion, Gretchen.

Tomorrow, January 30th, the Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on these bills in Massachusetts.  David will be testifying at this hearing.

David will be discussing the Hearing on bill S.1177/H3027

An Act to establish the office of adult guardianship and decisional support services

 These bills are of course, the government sanctioning of predatory guardianships wherein the ongoing identity theft by predator guardians and the fee churning by attorneys will be white-washed, sanitized and made to sound as if their intent is to perform a good deed.  These bills simply sanction the human trafficking of the elderly with the intent to profit.  All participants in this trafficking will be immune from being held accountable or prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.  These bills were originally offered by the former AG of Massachusetts.  these bills are also companion bills at the state level, to the Federal bill S 178……..the expansion and inflated funding of the very organizations and individuals who traffic the elderly now with the addition of dozens more.

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