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Tonight’s story is a tragic story of a family who lost their mother at the hands of medical predator’s. Marsha Joiner shares with us how safe she felt
to have her mother in the care of a hospice after her mother was diagnosed with Conjestive Heart Failure. Her mother’s doctor stated that the family
could contact hospice for assistance for her mother’s care because she did for the criteria; the family felt secure with this decision because Marsha’s
father had been the hospice chaplain for 15 years at that same hospice location. That was a decision they lived to regret. Please take this time to
listen to Marsha!s story as she gives her mother a voice and a huge wake up call to this society about the Hidden realities of what is occurring in some
hospices today.
Carly is not an attorney and cannot and does not give legal advice.  All information on this broadcast is fully documented.