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Please join Marti Oakley, Luanne Fleming and Robin Austin as we host Rosanna Miller.  Rosanna will be discussing the the underpinnings of the probate tribunals laid out in the UCC code.

The UCC (Universal Commercial Code) which deals with commerce and contract law.  We have been commodified, sectioned off as chattel property and are bought, sold and traded under the UCC.

Rosanna will go over specific codes that pertain to fiduciary’s, probate, and the uniform probate code.  She will have specific information that applies directly to the lack of judicial accountability, corruption of the courts and the ongoing kidnapping, imprisoning and theft of estates from not only the elderly but also the disabled.   The question remains….WHO is actually responsible for correcting and abolishing this system?

Have pen and paper ready…you will want to make notes.  The show will be available in archive.

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